Shifting of Web host For Many Sites

Ganz’s new web design was spotted and he was offered a one-year free web hosting in exchange for the template, which he had accepted.
However, since his new web host does not have sub domain, he can no longer lend me his web space. Since many of my websites are actually hosted under his old server, I have moved them over to Mike’s server. And for now I only have Irwin’s web space as backup.
Sites affected are:
Thanks so much to Ganz for his kind hosting for the past years! Do visit his blog at and his very styled flash site at which stores so many of his great designing work over the past few years.
Note: He might be still transfering his files over to new web host at this point of time

I Am a Physiotherapist

[Wednesday, 29 September, 2006]

My mum and I were going to bed quite early and I started teaching her how to strengthen her legs. The frequenting to the physiotherapy centres in the past had equipped me with sufficient knowledge that I knew the exercises quite well.

Her knee caps were loose and I relayed the boring message from those helpless specialists to strengthen her thigh muscles.

I began with teaching her leg raise with the leg straightened and added some weights on top, which she could not hold it for long. Then, I remembered I had the thera-band, so that when both the legs were tied together with it, lifting one of the legs up would work on the muscle. Since the strenuousness was easily controlled by her, it would not injure her unlike adding any weight on top.

Everyone should start some daily workout to strengthen the thigh and back muscle since the knee caps and back are the most commonly injured body parts. Simple exercise like the half squat helps a lot.

I am unfortunate one of the victims but it certainly does everyone good that I can pass the message around and even offer assistance face to face.

Volleyball at ITE and Cow’s Birthday

[Tuesday, 28 November, 2006]

Volleyball at Clementi ITE was much better this time. I had a long nap before it since I woke up early. Even though it was supposed to start at 4pm, I reached near 5pm but was glad because they were just setting up the net. None of the elderly (Weitat, Mingfa, Kok Chiang… etc) was present. I started to help out with the tightening of the net then.

I was in fact surprised to see that the ITE and secondary school girls were quite disciplined that in the absence of their beloved coach Mr. Jevin Ou Ming Fatt, they started off warming up themselves; even though I was not sure of the normal procedure and they had started everything so late.

Kok Chiang arrived next and followed by Ming En who was so worn off by his job. Mingfa came straight after his boys’ training at CCAB and he helped me greatly with his nail clipper again. I thought I would cut my nails after the game before I left my house but they were making me uneasy actually with setting. Nevertheless, I could not set even after that, with my thumb’s nail already splitting a little from the flesh. Spiking was extremely good somehow.

However, the intensive training from Ming En and Kok Chiang helped me to get more feeling with the ball that my digging was much better than the previous few times. Perhaps, Ming En did not smash (not spike) the ball at me like what he usually did and that gave me better chance of saving all the balls. It had been long since I got so tired and that we cut the training off after some time. Having enough sleep helped in my performance a lot.

After the girls’ training, there was a bombing section dedicated to Xinyi for her birthday. She was attacked outside the door and was forced to retreat to the canteen where she was ambushed badly with water bombs. She ran to the other side of the car park with the continuous assaults. Later on, there were party sprays and “explosives”. It was a night proved too memorable for Xinyi.


Obscene hidding

Ah Gu’s revenge

The naughty girl


Laugh means still okay

Bang Bang!

And everyone stays away

And here comes early Christmas celebration

Nice pose

She looks like she’s going to cry

Cleaning up

The culprit has shown up

Cleaning up with the water hose

If you are still puzzled why I have been carrying camera around most of the time when I go out, the reason is such event does happen sometimes and it is always good to keep the good memory.

However, it was either due to the darkness or the low batteries, the delays in snapping each picture gave poor results this night. Whereas when there was no aid of the building’s light, I had to estimate the target’s position, which was quite difficult. The worst thing was that I had to maintain a distance even though my camera allowed me to zoom ten times because the flash could not hit that long distance at night. I needed to brush up a lot on my photography skill.

Before I could take any real good shot at the canteen, Mingfa shouted for me at the hall and I stopped everything. The friendly match against the outsiders began and this time we had just nice number of players; Weitat absent on the right day perhaps. I was doing well at first but my muscle was drained off by the earlier training. Soon, the problem on my left ankle started off and I even missed a good set from Mingfa when I was at number two, which I would usually treat the opponent ball biscuit before my operation even when my skill had rusted.

We thrashed the opponents in the first game but lost the last game when we repeatedly committed uncountable mistakes, but it was at a close margin. This time, we did not go out for dinner together as my mum had cooked.

I hope my left ankle’s condition would improve and that my right wrist’s corn would go away and that I would have enough time to play volleyball again.

Spare Me from Becoming a Fool

I do not know how much my words weigh but I know I have made it clear numerous times that I do not like someone to call me and put me on hold immediately. It is absolutely stupid which definitely proves my lack of importance and makes me feel like a fool. If you cannot wait to finish your hundred million dollars business first before you come to me, you can go ahead and carry on while I give you my blessing.

If everything I have said is so unimportant and cannot be remembered, there is no point to say furthermore. This is why very often silence is golden.

Ridiculous Friendster Message

hi i’m anong one of those who recieved ur forwarded message about cockles sumwhere in october.. I’d just like to tell u i’m offended by ur forward n comments. Maybe u shouldn’t be so shallow n condemn others of their jobs.. U r just lucky to be able to live in cosy n well to do singapore, but there are many people out there who will do anything to earn a living n at least they are not doing anything evil.So I just hope u learn to respect others even though u dun respect yourself.You wan to meet people of great benevolence or friends who can see beyond the others and appreciate you. Maybe u should lean to be one b4 you expect that of others.



i do not know you and i am clear that i only forward emails to my friends.

if you are bringing up an issue like a month back, i am sorry but i cannot remember your cockles right now.

if you have received any funny or interesting email from your friend, i think you should just go to your friend instead.

in case any friend of mine is unfortunately forwarding my forwarded emails to you, please do let him/her know that you do not like to receive the emails.

by the way, i am simply forwarding emails from my friends to other friends and i am not the creator of any of the emails; most of the mails are for entertainment and awareness purposes and especially for people who are open to jokes. unfortunately again, i do not know the originates of the emails as well.

please take back your insults.

The Singapore Waiting Hospital Again

[Tuesday, 28 November, 2006]

I tried to sleep early especially this night to go to the polyclinic in the early morning. I was not sure what time I dozed off and whether did my mum wake me up, but she suddenly asked me where I was going. Then, she recommended me to a skin doctor and I agreed.

She woke me up at seven plus after I purposely went back to sleep after my alarms sounded. Then, we left home at around eight and walked towards Kreta Ayer Road. Then she told me the clinic was at the third storey and which we could not find. Then she said she suspect it might have moved down and indeed we found it at the second level at exactly the same corner. I was not sure if it had shifted down or my mum had remembered the location wrongly.

Disgusting Corn

I saw the price labelled at the counter stating “$50 to $75” and it freaked me out. After seeing the doctor, he told me the unknown thing on my wrist could be corn and he recommended me to go to the polyclinic and they might remove it for me. I was very upset about the money I was wasting for this advice but luckily he claimed we were not required to foot any bill.

We made the trip to Outram Polyclinic directly. This morning proved the communication problems between my mum and me, or rather, her and my brothers as well. When we were at Neil Road, there were long stretches of shophouses opposite the Police Cantonment Complex and we were supposed to cross over to the diagonal corner of the “rectangular” area (shophouses). We took the inner path and she claimed it was a “shortcut”, which was of an exact distant of taking the path along the main road.

It was a long queue as usual at the Polyclinic and both the nicest doctors, Doctor Sally Ho and Doctor Tan Kok Leong were not around, and I had to go for a random doctor, which was really dangerous. Some of the doctors sucked for they gave really bad attitude and you would probably be freaked out as well and not trust their abilities.

As we were waiting outside the room, the aunties behind us were talking non-stop while my mum and I were trying to take a little nap on the uncomfortable chairs. Suddenly another Cantonese auntie joined in with her extremely loud and piercing voice. I purposely turned back to stare at her and soon she stopped. While she went to the toilet, her number was called and the doctor even came out to call for her. Then, she returned to make a big fuss.

Two hours later, finally it was my turn to go into the room. My mum became a doctor suddenly and asked directly for an operation while I was waiting for the doctor to suggest better alternatives or prescribe stronger medicine. So, the doctor immediately wrote a referral letter to Singapore General Hospital and did not give me any medicine. The first visit to the specialist clinic could easily cost up to forty bucks and the time wasted would be half of the day; it was the last resort I really wished to use.

After making an appointment at the other room, we were told to go back to the registration counter to pay the money since there was no medicine to be collected. Two out of the four counters were closed at lunch time and the other two counters were occupied. I was waiting there for the counter to be cleared and my mum turned to a passed by nurse and said loudly, “Ask her lo.” Obviously the nurse turned to us and I answered her embarrassingly, “It’s okay; I’m just waiting to make payment.”

Suddenly, a lady near me over the other counter asked if I was another guy. I found her very familiar and after a while I asked her if she was teaching at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and she answered me positive. She was Mrs Mok who had taught me during lower secondary as my arts teacher, as well as an English writing course lecturer during my polytechnic days. As we walked out of the place together, she told me she was teaching at “Nanyang” as well and my mum immediately interrupted, claiming that my younger brother studied there as well. I instantly double confirmed it was Nanyang Polytechnic since we were talking about polytechnic all along and that managed to stop my mum from making more blurts.

Towards the end of the morning when we were going to cross over the T-junction in front of the Police Cantonment Complex, my mum said for at least the third time my younger brother knew how to take the underpass across so that we did not cross the road. I never liked to use it since it required taking many flocks of escalators down and up when we could easily just cross the road.

It was quite an unlucky morning.

Open To the World

I cannot stand parents who impose really bad curfew on their children. This will cause serious lack of exposure to the world. This locks the ignorance in the child’s brain and slows the development of his or her maturity.

There is always a requirement for some freedom. There must be guidance of course but any decision should be made after knowing the child’s friends. That is, when his or her friends are celebrating an event together, do not spoil the fun or even lock the child at home when everyone else is out for fun.

If you have realised your child is still so unaware of so many things, do you wish to let him or her remain insensible and immature forever? Do you think you have taught him or her enough so that in future he or she will not be disgracing himself or herself in front of others like not knowing what type of clothes to wear for a party or not having enough very basic table manners?

I used to have enough freedom at young age but my mum had been stating all the negative things which kept me home out of my own choice. When I started to realise I was lagging behind from this world, it was about too late to return.

For all the efforts I have put in, I realise something is still restricting me from being open to the world. This is the message Quek had tried to impart to me the night he took me to tour the pubs before my operation. He told me I should bring Vivi out more to see the “world” as well, which is absolutely impossible.

Her parents are going to ruin us and our relationship.

Just Seems Ridiculous

In the past, people used to say “Once bitten, twice shy” but it does not seem the case now.

With reference to one of my previous tag entries “Righteous Stand Up!”, the victims of the pictures stolen incident have not learnt their lessons. Without changing their blog addresses, they continued to post their full sized photos in their blogs. Among their tagboards, one was taken down, but the other one has been keeping me entertained for weeks.

Around three days ago, I was shocked to see them updating their blogs about their prom night with all the sexy photos. Soon, just as I estimated, the new photos were up at SGGirls again. A sudden anger filled my brain that it seemed that they were enjoying the free publicity of their blogs.

I begin to explore the usual intentions of people who blog.

– a better way of expressing oneself who is quiet
– staying in connect with friends
– easy broadcasting of news
– following the crowds
– seeking for attention and popularity
– showing off knowledge
– making of money

Do it all well for a clear conscious and with good methods. I shall remain preserved and not make any accusation of them.

I just cannot take ridiculous things especially when reputation is involved, whether it is me or others. I just cannot take it when things go wrong.