A Closer Contact with PHP

I have finally done a Contact Me page for my website using PHP. You do not need to log into your email account with that, in order to contact me.
Of course, due to the lack of practise, I had almost forgotten about how to even do a simple form using HTML. With some distractions from the television and help seekers, I took very long time to do it.
From yesterday afternoon till today’s very early morning, I had been trying my best to finish it. With some JavaScript form validation, I finally started into the actual PHP. Help from the second hand PHP book was very appreciated.
I got so excited upon success and was very confident that I could further my skill with all the basic PHP commands and strings.
Hereby, I have this request for my friends to give me testimonials through the Contact Me (gone with the wind!) page; the testimonials are for my own website and I will put up once I have a number of them but I might not include the name of the sender. Please give constructive feedback and use proper English. By the way, please identify yourself properly.

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