About Distribution of Photographs

I always believe in sharing good things but not at the risk of them getting into the dirty hands of black sheep in the internet.

The photographs taken during outings or events are fondable memories of everyone’s life and thus I have to share them with friends who are involved. I do not upload the link to retrieve the zipped files directly at my website or Friendster bulletin in order to safeguard the privacy of the participants.

Please always message me to get the photos a couple of days later if you have gone for the outing because I cannot remember clearly who I have distributed them to; I might take a few days to upload the photos and rename them neatly.

Another point to take note of is that since I will upload the whole album together for all the participants, please do not circulate photos of other people to other friends; you will not wish your own photo to land in other people’s hands.

Anyway, if you do not want your own photos to land in other websites after you upload to Friendster or your blog, you are advised to add water benchmark (copyright text) to each photo before uploading it. There are too many black sheep in the internet world where faces are not shown.

Lastly, if you have taken a photo together with me, please upload into Friendster and your blog!

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