Beware of Stalkers

One thing I hate is when people try to get close to me just to get to know the opposite sex; this is so disgusting and despicable but some people can be really desperate.

This has been happening since secondary school days when teenagers get mature and perhaps, losing their integrity.

Even though I do not know many babes and hunks, or at least they stay far away from me, it always happens that guys try to hook up with them by pulling string with me stupidly.

I know that not all friends are reading my blog, but I still hope to get this message around to as many friends as possible, especially for the females – not all friends in my Friendster account are really my friends and not all chat session who I have spent are of my will.

The moral is whenever anyone tries to hook up with you, do not assume that person is my true friend even if it seems to be; approach me first.

In life, it is impossible to totally stay away from a person if you do not like him or her to avoid having any crushes; at least return a “hi” and “bye” when required.

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