Brain Cells Are Dead

I was trying to get back to normal people’s sleep clock these days and I had tried so hard until this morning I failed.

It was for the sickly Thai nurse’s assignment, a thousand words essay, I stayed up till late hour without doing any of my own stuff. It denied me for a causal chat with Vivi before she went to sleep and also, it had taken up some of Irwin’s time as well.

It was for the friendship that I was doing so much. She was a kind girl and so far, the only person I knew who was so devoted to nursing not for the high pay. Since she had to submit her work in less than eight hour’s time, and the essay was still in chaos, I took up the job as a busybody.

My English was pretty bad already but Miss Jielin’s draft work was of a worse standard. There were obviously more grammatical mistakes than this article I had typed and similar points were flying all over the paragraphs. At least, I was able to use her existing points to branch out into more points.

I spent around two hours just to edit half of her seven hundred words. Then, I realized the other half was about a different topic somehow. I asked her for her title and she told me she had not thought about that. The good thing was that she could just write about anything about Singapore but the rest of the three hundreds words had to be redundant. Since she could not add anymore points to the essay, I told her to go to sleep first.

It would be an earlier night for me if either of Jenrine, Da Zhang or spambot was around to help me from start. Nevertheless, Irwin did go through my edited essay for further mistakes but he did not want to kill the flow of the essay by adding in more stuffs. I realized the fact that it was my style of writing that I adopted the most and that was why I felt so uneasy whenever any of my friends helped me to edit my articles.

This was a good chance to brush up on my English as well with Irwin’s guidance. I had never read through any of my blog entries so many times before. Then, I also realized that blogging was different from writing normal essay, and that was why I had problem with the latter.

I was slow and could only finish it at around five in the morning. It was just nice time for Irwin at Australia to go to bathe and go to his office; it was seven over Melbourne. Then, I sent an email to attach the file to Thai pig and also uploaded it to my server in case the email cocked up.

I concluded that she should treat Irwin, Vivi and I to maybe Swensen?

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