Chalet and Presents

As the chalet is approaching, I am looking forward to more suggestion of activities. Please give some feedbacks even though I know none of you would do it except for those who have already tagged at the website –

I wish to apologise again for not able to invite so many people since the place is not big. The two groups of guests I have invited are my previous unit and BMCC volleyball friends; some of my very close friends are neglected as well.

Early thanks to my photographers Gilbert and Da Zhang, and also my chefs Ivan and Ah Teck.

Until now, I have more or less confirmed the number of guests going for the barbecue; I have also confirmed true friendship. Those people who have not decided on whether staying a not are causing quite big problem but I am not going to care anymore.

For those who are going for the chalet, please do not worry about getting a present for me because I will not remember to ask for any from you; those who are not going, I expect presents.

Since I am living a dull and boring life all these years, I do not really need anything except a PDA which you can never afford because I am not your son and you will not spend so much; so, you can just forget it. As for formal wear, you do not know my size.

Anyway, I have already gotten a watch and swimming trunk. Better luck okay?

Early thanks to Siu Hang for getting expensive birthday present in Hong Kong for me.

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