End of Photo Competition

[Sunday, 12 November, 2006]

It was for the sake of the photo competition, I spent lots of time thinking of description for my photos. It was about “Garden City” and the criteria were not that clear.

Gilbert and I were part of the pioneers to hit it hot with submission of photos. However, he had underestimated talent of Singaporeans that he uploaded many photos at one go.

As days went by, more experts uploaded their work and we saw to our disappointments. The free camera and Ipod Nano seemed to be further away each time I stepped into the forum.

Our plan to go out for photo-taking together was delayed by my leg’s condition and the haze, and finally, his beginning of job. Soon, he had seemed to drift away from our childish hope.

For me, I persisted on but not with enough effort. I met out with Xiangxin for a Botanical Gardens trip one fine day. Although I was lack of sleep and was off performed, the trip gave me new experience, apart from the mosquito bites.

Even though almost all the photos taken were not up to my standard, I did not forsake them. Together with the older photos I had taken during various outings, I battled to think of good description which would outwit others’ in order to cover up for the lack of skill.

More people began to impress me and one of them was Mr. Wilson Low. His photos were very lively and interesting.

There were of course some photos which were less fascinating and of course a few, which I had to think they were out of topic. The descriptions of the five categories were not enough for people to stay within the theme, but made the competition more interesting. Perhaps, I was too newbie to understand.

As I began to drop the dream of getting anything for the competition, there were other things for me to continue – the possibility of display of my work, the contribution to help promote Singapore as the Garden City and maybe guidance from others.

Through this competition, I realised most people went to the Botanical Gardens despite various photos were taken and submitted. My focus was then more into the urbanised places to impose the idea of living in the greenery, such as our HDB flats.

Since I did not wish my ideas to be stolen for they were ingredients to my speciality, I hesitated to upload the photos on much earlier dates. There were naturally times when I was tempted and uploaded some of the work. Partly, I was worried that others might submit photos of the same ideas or objects before me, which had happened numerous times.

In the end, I uploaded most of my photos on the last second day since I did not like last minute work, which might result in congestion of the website’s bandwidth.

At the very last day, as expected, everyone started to flood the site. I was quite regretful of not submitting my photos on that night itself.

My fondest memory in the park
– This include for example, pictures taken during your birthday celebration in the park , or can even be a picture of a bench where you and dad sat when you were growing up.

Memorable Portrait

The most natural portrait is taken unaware, or at least, with a little surprise. The sunny weather has brought old friends together when growing up has distanced everyone.

– Not pinning to win anything with this; just hoping to bring back memories of the olden days.

Cycling on the Plants

How cool if I were to be able to do that too!

The outing at Botanical Gardens brings back memories of my primary school days during the excursion trips.

Monkey Business

Monkeys are smart animals actually; at least they know how to bounce ball to smash things.

My trip to the Singapore Zoological Gardens was a splendid one. It was a day well-spent with my good friend who had just started working there.

– This is interesting

Smiles of the Cyclists

East Coast Park encompass plenty of my fondest memories; the cycling trip with some of my best army friends and volleyball mate. It was unexpected that they could enjoy each other company that much, considering it’s their first meeting; everything turned out well, as if the wonderful day was tailor-made for us.

– I love all the smiles and Sam’s dao face
– Thanks to Jenrice and Peh


This photo features the discussion of my friends over the navigation of the place.

The trekking trip at Dragon’s Trail Sentosa was a fulfilling outing; we got to see insects and plants which were not found in other places.

This trip enlightens us that Singapore is not only about tall and gorgeous buildings, but also tiny creatures which are hidden in less urbanised areas.

My favourite park or green spot
– This include pictures of parks, open fields or even roads lined with lush and mature trees for example.

Feeding the Swan

A closed up experience with the swan delights me. The Botanical Gardens is definitely one of my favourite parks.

– I could have taken better shot of this

The Falling Plants

One of my favourite spots in Botanical Gardens is the stretch of plants growing towards the track. They are amazingly interesting.

– The effect turned out quite good by tuning the camera sideway


It is amazing to watch monkeys hanging themselves upside-down with their tails on the branches to eat. Singapore Zoological Gardens is one of my favourite places since young.

The Girl and the Grassland

This photo, taken at Botanical Gardens, shows a weary little girl after playing with her family. The big piece of grassland near the Symphonic Stage is an ideal place for family gatherings.

– I was surprised to catch this sharply as I was zooming from far without using stand

Glorious Sunset

After each great day of fun at Siloso beach Sentosa, we always camp at the Beach Car Park to wait for the rest of our playmates to finish their bath.

The sunset at Sentosa’s Beach Car Park paints the sky with terrific colours. The clouds distort the shape of the sun, not trying to ruin the evening, but instead, add excitements. The objects at the far end seem like illusion, rounding up the picture of warm. Sunset reminds us that it is the end of the tiring day and soon, the beginning of a great new day.

– I love the sunset

Beautiful Forest

The beautiful Duxton Plain Park is the place where many residents gather to have their morning and evening exercises.

The huge trees by the sides of the park enclose the area with their branches and leaves, making it look like a forest. I suppose many people who pass by the park will not look up to realise the place is so beautifully decorated with the trees which have been shading people for so many years.

– Quite interesting

My favourite activity in the park
– This include any activities that you enjoy participating in, or watching. Some of these activities could include exercising, cable-ski or simply relaxing under the tree for example.

Final shoot-out

Playing with the water never fails to bring childhood memories back.

I need Suntan Lotion

Suntanning is always my favourite activity, whether I am the one doing it or just watching “someone” else does it.

Sam Hits the Headline

At the guardhouse of the Changi Safra Resort during a cycling trip at East Coast Park, Bryan helped Sam to dress up his wound. The few of us were up to mischief and grabbed each other’s handle when the two bicycles were side by side. Bryan and I had a fall just minutes ago; whereas this time Bryan was safe again but Sam was not as lucky.

By the Seaside

The sea activities at East Coast Park gave me the feeling of freedom; indeed in the early morning, I was feeling more relaxed than ever.

Beautiful Sunset

I love playing volleyball at Siloso beach Sentosa. The coconut trees planted around cool the beach down and piece up the greatest picture of mankind. All the beach volleyball lovers are reluctant to leave for the sunset so gorgeous.

– Another nice sunset

My favourite corner in the park
– This could include pictures of playgrounds, your favourite picnic spot or even favourite restaurant/ food outlet within the park!

Family ties

Having picnic by the side of the pond is a great family outing; it is no doubt one of the greatest ways to strength family ties in this busy city.

– I quite like this shot

The Botanical Gardens Fall

A mesmerising sight which drew all my attention away from all the other beautiful flora.
Miniature yet complete.
Insignificant yet attractive.
Rare beauty.

– Description contributed by Peh

Of Health and Greenery

One of my favourite corners in the park is the fitness corner. The government has spent a lot of money to educate and make it possible for all citizens to maintain their fitness.

Garden City is not only about greenery but also the health of the citizens.

Open Category
– You can also send in photographs of greenery, flora and fauna that is unique to Singapore, and helped differentiate us from the other gardens in the world!

The inhabitant in the greenery and its nest

My first trekking trip to Sentosa brought me closer to the nature.

– One of my favourites

Vanda Miss Joaquim

The gorgeous National Flower of Singapore, named after Agnes Joaquim.

Beautiful Cactuses

The yellowish thorns of the cactuses excited me; the feeling they give me is not the sharpness and pains but peace.

– My favourite too!

My Regular Visitor – The Bird

Growing plants at the corridor brings our urbanised city closer to the nature. The birds visit me often even though I am staying in a high storey HDB flat; I hear beautiful voices daily.

– That was the nearest I could get to him; quite an unique one.

Chocolate Pocky Discovery

I have finally found the Pocky source in Singapore.

I’m kidding of course. They are trunks of plants found in Botanical Gardens.

Magnificent Tree

This magnificent tree with “thorns” on its trunk catches my attention; it somehow gives me huge inspiration in my life. My admiration for trees has grown ever since.

– One of my favourites

Beautiful roots

During my trekking trip at Sentosa, these striking roots caught my attention. I was captivated by their beautiful colours.

– This is quite cool.

Spiked Green Sausages

The soft looking cactuses resemble sausages, but please hold your temptation because they are full of spikes.

Be Early

The worms eat the leaf and the early birds get the worms.
That’s why the Chinese say “早起的鸟儿有虫吃”.

– Credit goes to Marlboro.

National Day Fireworks

This is a photo of the gorgeous moment of excited Singaporeans taking photos of the fireworks near Esplande during National Day 2006 to celebrate the country’s independence; everyone was overwhelmed by the spirit of the great festival.

– My favourite fireworks photo.

The Fish Kiss

The hungry fishes inside the highly overpopulated pond at Singapore Botanical Gardens struggle to survive each day.

This picture shows two fishes feeding themselves in the filthy water, appears like kissing.

Looking at the fishes gives one a calm feeling.

– Quite unique but might be out of topic.

The Haze and Sunset

This is the picture of a sunset during the haze period in which the sunlight was blocked. The sky was supposed to be yellowish orange at this hour. The fires in our neighbouring countries are the threat to our Garden City.

The Swan Dance

The swan, filled with gratified, danced for the visitors after his breakfast. This was the first time I had an encounter with the swans, and they presented me with good shows.

– The swans did not do it facing me after camping there for quite long!

Garden City Begins with Each of Us

Growing plants at the corridors are hobbies of many Singaporeans. The citizens answer to the call of the government since so many years ago to make Singapore a Garden City.

– This is an unique idea but… others have copied it.

Preserved Tree

This is a picture of a very remarkable old tree.

If you think such trees can only be found in places like Botanical Gardens or less urbanised places, you are wrong.

This tree is located in Duxton Plain Park located at Yan Kit Road, near the Tanjong Pagar Community Centre.

– This matches the topic description well.

Building Merged with Nature

We are living in an urbanised city but we are still close to the nature. This is a photo of the magnificent view of Parkway Centre.

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