Finally out with Vivi

It had been so long since I last went out with Vivi. Due to my operation done during September, I had been staying at home until last month, time caught up with her. And then, in order to plead her parents to allow her to go to my chalet, she stayed home for more than a week; she could not stay overnight though.

During this period, there were only house visits from her. Although I was able to save a lot of money, staying at home was dull; we should have strike a balanced.

This evening she wanted to get a FBT shorts and a pair of slippers, and we went to Queensway Shopping Centre together. Though it was not very long duration, it was a gift after all to be able to go out with her.

The black FBT shorts were finally stocked up for months ago we could not find any in the entire shopping centre.

This night, we had dinner at MacDonald’s again; the food court was not even in my consideration list.

We could not get her slippers because her mum had forbidden her to get those normal ones which there was a stripe in between the big toe and second toe; her mum said it would make her legs look uglier. That sounded weird to me but I could not do anything.

Finally, I got to send her home by bus 61 and actually I was quite cautious about my ezlink card’s value.

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