First Shopping Day For Chalet

[Wednesday, 01 November, 2006]

My first day of shopping spree with my mum was in the early afternoon.

We went downstairs for brunch after I woke up. We pasted by the chicken rice stall on second storey and saw Wanting, and my attempt to snap a shot of her helping her mum clear the dishes failed. We ended up at the hawker centre and I took the new Japanese stall’s food – Chicken Teriyaki.

Wanting refusing to do her job

We proceeded to the NTUC and got some food like hotdogs and crab meat sticks. We also went to the barbecue area but could not find the tray which my volleyball friends used at Xinyi’s house previously. In the end, I just bought some plates, spoons, forks and cups; thanks to Ou Xiang, else I would have to buy more. The bill was over fifty bucks.

After reaching home, I dozed off until evening, my mum woke me up and we had another round of shopping, firstly at the second storey provision shop to check prices and then back to NTUC again.

We bought some good quality syrup and they cost me another bomb; carrying them back was a problem as well when my left leg was still weak.

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