I Am a Physiotherapist

[Wednesday, 29 September, 2006]

My mum and I were going to bed quite early and I started teaching her how to strengthen her legs. The frequenting to the physiotherapy centres in the past had equipped me with sufficient knowledge that I knew the exercises quite well.

Her knee caps were loose and I relayed the boring message from those helpless specialists to strengthen her thigh muscles.

I began with teaching her leg raise with the leg straightened and added some weights on top, which she could not hold it for long. Then, I remembered I had the thera-band, so that when both the legs were tied together with it, lifting one of the legs up would work on the muscle. Since the strenuousness was easily controlled by her, it would not injure her unlike adding any weight on top.

Everyone should start some daily workout to strengthen the thigh and back muscle since the knee caps and back are the most commonly injured body parts. Simple exercise like the half squat helps a lot.

I am unfortunate one of the victims but it certainly does everyone good that I can pass the message around and even offer assistance face to face.

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