I have upgraded my computer!

The motherboard has increased from 733 MHz to 933 MHz, whereas the RAM has increased from 400+mb to 640mb.

I realize there are two USB ports in my old motherboard! They are well hidden.

I am using the new motherboard built in sound card instead of an extra one. My brother says it will reduce the requirements from the old power source. Currently, the sound is louder than before though I do not need it and I do not know the quality’s difference.

Yesterday just when I was about to leave my house for volleyball game at Clementi ITE, my brother sent me a message saying that my cousin’s old computer was ready for collection. She had just confirmed with her friend over it. However, since she was leaving for America today to further studies, I had to get the computer as soon as possible. I waited for her to finish her bathe before going over and thus I was very late for volleyball.

Even though the system is not very good, there is an improvement.

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