Jenrine’s Eighteenth Birthday

[Wednesday, 15 November, 2006]

I got to see my sister again for the second time this month, which was so rare. We did not keep in contact often other than online, and during periods of time we did not even chat with each other. We were both busy with our own stuffs.

That explained why I did not message friends online often because I did not even get to chat with my beloved sister everyday.

I was not that kind of guys who went around asking girls to be their god sisters and I only had this very dear one. There was even a paragraph written about her in my main site under “family” and weirdly, my friends did not believe our relationship.

Basically I was no a more than happy-go-lucky guy who did not strive or try to upgrade my knowledge, and I never liked being serious; therefore, my conversations were mainly those “eat full nothing to do” bullshit. Sometimes, I pitied her to that she had entertain me.

She was cute and small sized but having the only flaw of being a volleyball player, muscular legs. This adorable smartie admired uniformed guys, and she was up for grab while stock last.

This day was her eighteenth birthday, which also marked her new phase of life – the end of her ‘A’ level examinations. Fortunately, despite having three papers on the same day, she did not go crazy.

I was late after searching for cash as I needed to bring extra cash along. I could easily empty my bank account by using ATM machine but since my mum was holding my bank account book, I tried hard not to touch the account.

I took the long journey to New York to meet up with her. It was my first time to be there and the scenery and ambience were great.

All of them were seated down there, namely Vivi, Jenrine, Yuen Yin, Shaoxian and Kok Loong.

I had fish and chips as usual. At first I thought the serving of fish was small even though there were a lot of fries but soon I realised that single piece of fish was so thick and I almost could not finish it; plus it was quite salty. I assumed most of the dishes were the same.

Kok Loong

Jenrice and Yuen Yin

Shao Xian doing his Maths

We had lots of craps throughout. These three friends of Jenrine were marvellous; being easygoing and outgoing, they were able to take craps. However, there were times I sweated and felt awkward as predicted.

We decided to go to the Food Street at Chinatown to fill our stomachs more and even though taking bus was faster, the driver of bus 174 played me. The bus turned right near the Chinatown Point instead of going straight and I assumed it would stop in front of the building but it went straight. It was such an embarrassing moment for me.

We managed to get to the Food Street soon but I was not in the appetite for more things. Yuen Yin started the ball rolling with a small coconut which gave us a teasing fun. Songxian was the only hero to get a bowl of “Tan Yuan”.

We had another round of craps and a few moments of heart attack hearings for me before we left the place.

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