Just Seems Ridiculous

In the past, people used to say “Once bitten, twice shy” but it does not seem the case now.

With reference to one of my previous tag entries “Righteous Stand Up!”, the victims of the pictures stolen incident have not learnt their lessons. Without changing their blog addresses, they continued to post their full sized photos in their blogs. Among their tagboards, one was taken down, but the other one has been keeping me entertained for weeks.

Around three days ago, I was shocked to see them updating their blogs about their prom night with all the sexy photos. Soon, just as I estimated, the new photos were up at SGGirls again. A sudden anger filled my brain that it seemed that they were enjoying the free publicity of their blogs.

I begin to explore the usual intentions of people who blog.

– a better way of expressing oneself who is quiet
– staying in connect with friends
– easy broadcasting of news
– following the crowds
– seeking for attention and popularity
– showing off knowledge
– making of money

Do it all well for a clear conscious and with good methods. I shall remain preserved and not make any accusation of them.

I just cannot take ridiculous things especially when reputation is involved, whether it is me or others. I just cannot take it when things go wrong.

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