Kian Wee’s Advance Birthday Celebration

[Saturday, 26 November, 2006]

I was supposed to go down to Clementi ITE for volleyball again but since my left ankle was still giving me problems and that the friendly matches would start during evening, I decided not to waste my time or worsen my leg.

I met up with Gilbert after some webcam fun. Well, it was not that fun after all for only Gilbert had webcam and he preferred video conference so that we needed not even type anything. However, it was very lag and I could not start even any webcam with anyone else; if I were to use only the webcam mode I could play with many friends at the same time.

My dear MMI physiotherapy assistant, Kenneth, who had just migrated over to Seattle (USA) had webcam but his mum was using that computer attached with it. Whereas my selfish net buddy, Jacklyn, over Canada was having some private webcam chat with her boyfriend. Everyone should just get a webcam so that they could play with me anytime I wanted until I was bored of acting cute.

Gilbert and I were met up at Orchard MRT station and our plan to go over to Giordano at Takashimaya was foiled by the rain and the terminated of the underpass to Wisma Shopping Centre. My friend Gina had told me earlier on that they were giving out forty percent staff discount and she happened to be a manager in one of their branches. Since I could just message her for anything I wanted to get from any of their branches, Gilbert decided that we would go to Somerset instead for the temporary shelter to Takashimaya was bounced to be very squeezing at such weather.

We wasted the transport fee. Our destination was Centre Point Shopping Centre and eventually we had to cross over the road since the underpass was closed due to construction of new building opposite it.

Gilbert had little bite near the Cold Storage before we went to the Crocodile shop and spent quite long time there for Gilbert wanted to get some more formal wears with his forty percent discount given by his company. The salespersons were patient. He spent over a hundred bucks and earned a free membership (ten percent discount) for more than hundred bucks spent and an umbrella for more than hundred and twenty bucks spent.

After which, we went to the Bods shop downstairs for his twenty percent discount given by Pacific Internet for his birthday. He persuaded me successfully to get a nice top which I thought was sinful for I was still jobless and had quite a number of new clothes inside my chaotic wardrobe. He got himself a beach short and t-shirt before we went to the Cold Storage to get two bottles of mineral water and his hair wax. I was the first user and I finally learnt to use the wax inside the toilet by free lesson from instructor Gil but it was at the expense of so much wax.

Kian Hwee called and we hurried to Plaza Singapura as we were late already. Then, Gilbert told me Seah had flown us aeroplane once again but there was not much effect on me since I had given up on him already. So, we met up with Lim Kian Hwee and Peh Kian Wee finally and up we went to the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant for dinner.

Doctor Gil gave us another lesson afterwards for not queuing up with him, which made a mess out of the queue, for the staff in charge was actually quite retarded somehow. I order Fish and Chips as usual and Kian Wee wanted to empty our wallet with a large and expensive Manhattan flaming platter for two costing near thirty bucks which he could not finish.

“Live” perfomance

Our food!

Gil and Kian Wee

Delicious prawn

Gil and Kian Wee again

Gilbert looking lost when we told him to pose with the bill

We occupied the table for very long time in order to try to help the birthday boy to not waste food, for the fear that he would get retribution but he was really fated to be so sinful. His prawn looked so yummy but too bad I was not supposed to take prawn three months after my operation as warned by my mum. The source and reliability was unknown but I was really a scary cat and decided to obey the rule that prawn was “poisonous”. All the orders including my fish and chips were nice, as testified by Chef Gil.

We managed to stall enough time to just go to the toilet and then took a walk to Giordano shop in disappointment. We pretended to be wandering around aimless just like usual, and passed by The Cathay. Gilbert wanted to take a photo with the big Christmas tree but Kian Wee jeered at the idea and Gilbert gave up since it was in pink, which was quite weird.

Kian Hwee, Kian Wee, Gilberto

Kian Hwee and Kian Wee outside Hark Music Cafe while Gilberto behaving sneakily (not taken)

I tried to act ignorance by suggesting watching movie and later, going to the pub. As we approached our final destination, I was so worried that Kian Wee would start to suspect on our motives as Gilbert stopped at the shop house besides. I kept telling Peh that Gilbert was planning to go into one of the pubs until Gilbert led us in to Hark Music Café.

As Gilbert had moved so far inside, the staff did not realise we were together and asked if we had booked any seat. Since it was all surprise for Kian Wee, I did not reply and continued to walk in until Gilbert returned to signal that we were together. I was at a loss as well for I had not met Kian Wee’s friends before but a few girls were hiding their faces around a cake with lighted candles, which was quite obvious. Then, I saw Stephanie who was dolled up differently from usual and that was why it took me a few seconds to realise it was her.

Surprised Peh

Still feeling so shocked

and happy

Stephanie and Kian Wee

Happy Kian Wee

Gilbert, Kian Hwee, Kian Wee, Kailun

Second shot

Birthday boy and the girls

Second shot

Blowing the candle

The cake


Nice ambience. The Candle.

Gilbert looking splastic

Gilbert eating

Cameras’ flashes started to brighten up the place with Kian Wee’s surprised looks in delight. He was the star inside the café of sudden stares from all the people. With the smiles all over his face, he claimed he could not accept the surprise party was reality. Then, he regretted splurging our money on the dinner with the food wasted for we were paying for his whole night of fun.


After ambushed by me

The girls

The drinks on the table

Kian Wee on the stage with the two emcees


and sing

Kian Wee received the invitation to take part in their singing contest.

The emcee is a babe!

As everything was settled down, I managed to decorate Kian Wee’s face with a piece of cake which I told him to pose for photo. His next surprise was the invitation to sing on the stage but too bad Gilbert chose the song “Forever Love” over “Piano”, which I believed Kian Wee could sing better. He was recommended by the emcees immediately to take part in their competition.

Forcing a kissing picture


and finally mouth to mouth

We were well entertained by the singers and emcees on the stage later. The price was not cheap for the compulsory two cups of drinks for around fifteen bucks. However, the drinks were better than those plain ones at the music café at Marina Square. There were around two and a half babes altogether including the female emcee and one girl who sang “后来” pretty well.

On the second trip to the toilet with Gilbert, we waited outside the only unisex cubical with shadows moving about. The queue became long overtime and later on, a male and female came out to arouse my stare and imagination. That couple almost busted my bladder.

The male emcee talked to Kian Wee a few times as he passed by as he was interested to get Kian Wee down for the competition. I thought the competition was stupid since the results were depended on the audience’s votes, which meant that whoever had the thick skin to get his friends down to waste the money would definitely win the competition.

I was quite disappointed that Kian Wee did not go up to the stage for a second song when the café was filled with people; it was meant to be his day and I supposed he could get a lot of admirers with his standard of singing.

We left the café after 1am and crossed the road over to the 7-11 store. Stephanie and Gilbert left with two of the girls with one of their chauffeurs. I was intending to walk home which was estimated to be two hours of walk but dropped the idea. I took the cab with the rest of them and in the end the cab driver had to make a U-turn back after sending me home, which I later thought, was a wrong move. The worst thing was that Kian Hwee who would reach home last did not want to collect any money from me.

– Hark Music
Manhattan Fish Market

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