Open To the World

I cannot stand parents who impose really bad curfew on their children. This will cause serious lack of exposure to the world. This locks the ignorance in the child’s brain and slows the development of his or her maturity.

There is always a requirement for some freedom. There must be guidance of course but any decision should be made after knowing the child’s friends. That is, when his or her friends are celebrating an event together, do not spoil the fun or even lock the child at home when everyone else is out for fun.

If you have realised your child is still so unaware of so many things, do you wish to let him or her remain insensible and immature forever? Do you think you have taught him or her enough so that in future he or she will not be disgracing himself or herself in front of others like not knowing what type of clothes to wear for a party or not having enough very basic table manners?

I used to have enough freedom at young age but my mum had been stating all the negative things which kept me home out of my own choice. When I started to realise I was lagging behind from this world, it was about too late to return.

For all the efforts I have put in, I realise something is still restricting me from being open to the world. This is the message Quek had tried to impart to me the night he took me to tour the pubs before my operation. He told me I should bring Vivi out more to see the “world” as well, which is absolutely impossible.

Her parents are going to ruin us and our relationship.

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