Property Agent

[Monday, 30 October, 2006]

The met up with Mingfa took longer than expected. Francis was late as we waited at a coffee shop at Holland Village for him.

There were not many questions for him since I knew nothing much about property and he sounded that the course would teach us everything. $500 was a mountain amount to me.

But there are great plans and aims both Mingfa and I share which drive me to take up the job.

The difference between being a property agent and an insurance consultant is that people will buy house only when they need it, unlike everyone basically needs a saving plan; a property agent does not go around asking people to buy house but to help buyers to find potential houses.

I will most probably take the risk to take the course and strive for a better future with Mingfa after my chalet.

After the meeting, Mingfa and I went to meet up with Meijun and Jamie at Buona Vista MRT station, which was very nearby. Then, we had our dinner at Clementi and I had fish and chips as usual.

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