Ridiculous Friendster Message

hi i’m anong one of those who recieved ur forwarded message about cockles sumwhere in october.. I’d just like to tell u i’m offended by ur forward n comments. Maybe u shouldn’t be so shallow n condemn others of their jobs.. U r just lucky to be able to live in cosy n well to do singapore, but there are many people out there who will do anything to earn a living n at least they are not doing anything evil.So I just hope u learn to respect others even though u dun respect yourself.You wan to meet people of great benevolence or friends who can see beyond the others and appreciate you. Maybe u should lean to be one b4 you expect that of others.



i do not know you and i am clear that i only forward emails to my friends.

if you are bringing up an issue like a month back, i am sorry but i cannot remember your cockles right now.

if you have received any funny or interesting email from your friend, i think you should just go to your friend instead.

in case any friend of mine is unfortunately forwarding my forwarded emails to you, please do let him/her know that you do not like to receive the emails.

by the way, i am simply forwarding emails from my friends to other friends and i am not the creator of any of the emails; most of the mails are for entertainment and awareness purposes and especially for people who are open to jokes. unfortunately again, i do not know the originates of the emails as well.

please take back your insults.

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