Righteous, Stand up!

When human being grows older, they get caught up with too many affairs and soon tend to forgo some. Righteous is sometimes not within our mean when we cannot even save our own butts.

I am now not getting any income but it does not stop me from feeling bad for people who have met mishap. So often I tell myself not to meddle in other people’s problems because I cannot probably do everything in this world and basically my capability is too limited. I am in a dilemma whether I should do anything.

For a few times, I have mentioned about protecting of own photos online, such as making the file dimensions smaller and adding of water benchmark (copyright texts). Though they can be troublesome yet not foolproof, it does help more or less.

Nobody really knows the importance and why I have been taking up extra time to safeguard the privacy of my friends.

Recently, there are thefts of photos from some girls’ blogs. Even though the photos are decently taken, after being uploaded by the evil bad asses to some websites with bad reputation, the photos seem to feed hungry wolfs well. Rude descriptions are attached to the photos, and worse still, the URLs of the blogs are left there for the predators.

For a babes’ photos admirer like me, I swear it is well better of that these type of website do not exist at all. True enough, it is a pleasure to enjoy looking at Singapore babes’ photos online but it means more to lose. You never know when your best friend or even girlfriend’s photo will be posted there one day; in future, your daughter will be in danger as well.

Please disregard my previous sentence if you totally suck and will never get a partner in future.

This type of website promotes and encourages people to take photos of upskirt ladies or even child through the convenience use of new technology – mobile phone with built-in camera. Many pornographic photos can be found inside too, which can lead to further society problems with teenagers or even children who get more sexually aroused at an early stage.

Even though the websites may provide a link to report abuse on each photo uploaded, the links serve only as a cover up and the owners are too reluctant to lose any picture. To add on, most victims do not even know their photos are taken or stolen and uploaded into the website.

Years back, a photo of my friend, Jialing, taken by me was somehow posted into the Sggirls website and a request by me to remove it was redundant.

As an investigation is conducted, I see an opportunity for online prostitution to be carried out through the websites. The money cravers post photos of hot girls and ask for quotation when interested guys message them for details of the girls.

Internet is a powerful media and each of us should do our part to protect it from the despicable. The culprits should be traced out and made aware off to everyone and the websites should be taken down.

I begin to question myself why is the government focusing on software privacy and not the privacy and ownership of all the citizens and especially bloggers. What is the size of the number of soft companies compared to the number of bloggers?

Will any righteous religion would see to this problem and do anything about it?

Will anyone spread the message and kick a big fuss over it so that the government would take note of this problem?

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