Second Shopping For Chalet

[Thursday, 02 November, 2006]

My mum woke me up at around nine in the morning despite sleeping late. We went to a shophouse at Amoy Street to search for the barbecue stuffs. The shop did not sell those trays I was looking for but instead, two types of nice looking pits at $9.50 or $19.

Self assemble BBQ pit; one for $9.50

Since I was not sure of the size of barbecue pit I could rent at the chalet, I could not make up my idea. I got Vivi to check their contact number from my website and check the barbecue pit size but they replied her “normal size”, which was very unprofessional.

My mum and I went for breakfast at the hawker centre. I thought it was a wasted of trip if I did not taste the Lor Mee. As we were finishing the food, I saw a girl who looked like Fengjia but she was back facing us in front of the stall which I suspected belonged to the Sai family. I messaged Princess and was quite shock that she replied me faster than usual; I realised I should have approached Fengjia and made her guess who I was.

Back to the shop, I bought two $9.50 barbecue pits and a packet of transparent plastic bags for making ice.

We went to NTUC again to scout for chicken breast meat but realised they did not stock it up. The bottom of my feet were aching but I persisted on to the Amara Hotel’s Shop and Save supermarket and realised part of it was already rented out to other company and it was pathetically small, which did not sell chicken breast meat as well.

As we decided to go home first and get the chicken legs and wings from NTUC during evening, we crossed over the road and passed by a shop selling shoes and slippers. Since my old ones were worn out and the lack of grooves caused slipperiness and aching, I decided to get a new pair at $2.90. Cheaper stuffs might not mean lousier and I believed young people nowadays would go for branded ones which would cost at least five times more, which was impractical.

I got to rest at home and touch up on the chalet’s preparation list. I messaged everyone the unit number which I got it a day before and later dozed off for a while.

It was seven in the evening again when my mum called me to go down. We intended to have dinner together before shopping for the chickens and I met Vivi near the market; she was intending to give me a surprise visit. I saw her from far and she only got to realise it was me at a close distance.

Together, the three of us went for dinner at a coffee shop. We ordered a plate of hokkien mee and fried rice to share. I got two cans of carrot juice and a can of Kickapoo. Then my mum realised an interesting error from the Kickapoo company; the liquid was transparent instead of yellowish. I brought it back to the drinks stall and one of the uncles tasted it as 7-up and explained they were from the same company.

After dinner, I realised I did not bring the NTUC voucher down. Vivi went up with me to take it and went down to meet my mum immediately. Then, we bought chickens and marshmallow, with some sauces.

Vivi’s plan to stay behind till ten failed as usual as her mum called her to hurry her home. I had to send her home after we brought the stuffs to my house. Since it was late, I decided to send her all the way home; it had been long since I did that ever since I had my operation.

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