Second Volleyball Game

[Saturday, 18 November, 2006]

It was the second time I played volleyball after the operation. Mingfa was coaching his Clementi Town Secondary School (CTSS) boys at Clementi ITE and so I joined in.

I tried calling others the night before but only Kok Chiang was able to make it. Then on the day itself when I saw Ronald online, he responded well enough immediately. On the way, I tried calling others and realised I could have done it earlier instead of waiting for people to come online. This bad habit of me was unfortunately going to continue I supposed.

I wasted no time after Weitat called me and said he would be leaving soon, taking each step quick. I reached there at 4pm sharp and Ronald reached at the same time in his bike. Kok Chiang was taking his lunch then and we started playing causally soon. It was just a few minutes later, I was worn off.

At first I thought it was due to lack of exercise; then I realised it was the forced-in lunch I had two hours ago that gave the indigestion. I took longer breaks than playing. However, I had more “feeling” with the ball than usual.

Into free spiking, I had a nervous start for the previous time my left leg would be in pain when landing from each jump. The fear proved to be harmless but not the inadequate jumping timing. I was always either too fast or slow.

Into matches was better with Mingfa’s setting. We played with Mingfa’s CTSS B boys and later with the outsiders who Mingfa called them PAP group, consisting of many old people and some who were previously from Hwa Chong Alumni. Some of the opponents were very skilful despite their ages. We won all the matches except the last game when Weitat and was gone my legs were giving me troubles and the referee, Mingfa’s student, made a false accusation of us at a crucial point.

We went to a coffee shop near the NTUC for dinner. None of us knew the name but we called it “half chicken coffee shop” because the western food was quite nice. Then, I had a plate of chicken chop. Meijun joined us later and we left after 10pm.

The aching all over my body satisfied me.

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