Site Editing Spree

[Thursday, 16 November, 2006]

I was trying hard to push myself and managed to make some progress in editing website. As it was early in the morning and time for some supper, I agreed to take the breads after my mum’s classical nagging.

I succeeded in moving the “FAQ” menu into “About Me” as a submenu. Then I renamed it into “Ask Me!”. The challenge was to present the eight pages section into a single page and I did it in an expandable list style to make it neat. The scripting was simple at first but the thrill of programmer came soon when bugs visited.

Then, I shifted the Links section down to set them as main menu. It was an easy job since I still kept the old copies. At around 3.30am my nightmare of not able to doze off came again. The tossing around on bed was really time-wasting.

I woke up late again. However, it was another disciplined day when I moved on to my work immediately.

I renamed the Links accordingly to types of users and did some touch up on the navigation. Next was disappointment to realise there were minor bugs all over the index page. Halfway through rectifying it, the process was halted.

Although I had fixed all the bugs, there were more things to be accomplished.

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