Sleep Early

[Tuesday, 14 November, 2006]

You could hardly see me sleep early throughout my life and this time at 1.30am was a rare one.

I was trying to kick away the bad habit of staying up late each night. The first step to do was to maximise my time during the day and finish as many tasks as possible; till night time, I would not feel frustrated and want to do more. This seemed to help a lot and that I tried not to look into the television or idling around, which increased the amount of work I could do.

The bad thing was that, when I dozed off so early at 1.30am, I woke up by 8am and I did not have enough of sleep. Even though I started working so early, sleepiness caught me, slowing down everything. Occasionally I went to the bed to lie down and no time was taken noted of.

After all, I made very big improvement once again. I updated the Disclaimer notice found on the top of the site and also made some changes to the layout. Then, I wrote a blog entry about the photo competition and updated all the blog entries with missing photos, which was a big process. There were of course other stuffs which I could not remember. Overall, I did much more work than other days in the past three months.

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