Sleeping Late

It is so sad that my battle over sleeping late has failed terribly for the past two nights.

During the first night, I even tried listening to songs on my mobile phone when I realised my mind was searching for different answers and also simulating the future; this did not keep my concentration united for long as my brain cells started to disperse soon. I put an extra blanket over me in case it was due to the coldness but I never dozed off till daylight.

During the second night, I thought the problem might be late supper. Therefore, I drank only a cup of milo before settling down on the bed so that my stomach would not groan; but the unfinished work ruled my mind uncontrollably.

I did not wake up early as planned.

I suppose I am still too immature and stubborn that I want to do everything I want to do. The unfinished tasks are rounding up my mind. This is getting so crazy as I do not get any cent for completing them.


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