The Last Day of Chalet

[Sunday, 05 November, 2006]

Busy on phone

Kok Chiang


Xinyi and I

With Mingli

As most of the guests had left the chalet, there were only Weitat, Kailin, Ah Teck, Kok Chiang, Meijun, Mingfa, Mingen and my family.

With Mingen

Mingen and Mingfa

Weitat eating the cake happily


Kailin, Weitat, Meijun

My family were on the bed early and the rest of us started playing Indian poker and we managed to feed Weitat with lots of the leftover cake.

Suddenly they told me to pretend angry for Wilson was coming soon; he went pubbing after ending his work late. I was actually too tired to bother about it.

Wilson eating the cake happily

Ripping off Wilson


And he continued to sleep


Wilson’s arrival began my silence and I totally ignored him, feeling so weird. However, we managed to push the big portion of cake of my losing to him. I managed to stop the pretence after some time.

My elder brother and his girlfriend left for the place was too warm for them somehow and the mosquitoes only attacked them; everyone was quite puzzled over it.

Guoxiong came to join in the fun but most of them were already filled with sleepiness. He went outside to have card games with Mingfa and Mingen and I joined them only for a while. I had only a few slips of the red wine he brought along before going back to pester the rest to go out.

I placed a small ice inside Wilson’s shirt and he was so concerned about his branded shirt. Suddenly I felt so distanced away from him and was worried how many more friends would sink into his kind of working life. In any case I knew not many of my friends would go clubbing as often.

Quek’s message to me to be “open” to this world circulated around my mind; but there were too many things I still could not accept – especially the idea of frequenting the pubs or clubs.

Eventually I dozed off with them, leaving the three gamblers outside.

My mum woke me up in the morning and we started packing up. Mingfa, Mingen, Meijun and Guoxiong were gone already and I was too tired to even realise their departure. The handing over of the key was simple and no signature was even required.

We took the shuttle bus to the MRT station and finally realised the exact location of the station, which was at the taxi stand itself. Weitat, Kok Chiang, Kailin and Ah Teck wanted to go for K-lunch but I knew I could not just leave the stuffs for my younger brother and mum to carry home.

We waited for cab for very long time and a lady told us to go to the White Sands taxi stand, which I thought would be crowded, but we caught a cab immediately.

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