Unfair But It Is Better This Way

For the past few months I have been hearing about my ex colleague who are still in the army get their “birthday off”. For those who are new to it, “off” is just like “leave”, except that it is a privilege that can be cancelled by any superior and you have to go back to work anytime.

I am as usual the unluckiest of all my ex colleagues I suppose. Before my time, everyone got their birthday off to relax themselves for a day for free but when I got there, the system had changed because the new superiors were cold blooded. After my time, some fuckers have already left and Quek has been doing his best to give welfare to everyone while Shep seems to become softer; life is definitely much better.

This issue is nevertheless just one of the unfairness in the army. Maybe I should just blame it on my luck but on the brighter side, it is so much better; at least the disgusting and terrible mental torment days are gone. It gives me a peace of my mind as the future generations are well taken care of, though might not be forever; the welfare of them is always my main concern.

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