Visiting Auntie and Vivo City

[Sunday, 19 November, 2006]

My mum woke me up after 8am. Then, we took a cab down to my auntie’s house at Kim Tian Road. Both of them wanted to go to the temple and therefore I was asked to look after my sick uncle.

His brain was infected by virus years ago and had unfortunately lost his thinking. His illness had expelled all the savings after a long term of medication and used-to-be frequent hospitalisation. Till now, not much help from the government was awarded to them. My auntie had even pawned her jewellery and considered to sell the flat.

My mum’s younger brother who was just a few years younger than her, was putting up at the 3-room HDB flat with the unfortunate couple whose son, also my cousin, had passed away when I was very young due to unknown reason. This youngest uncle of mine had a bad temper and could never put up with his previous bosses and customers that he had changed many jobs.

He had been jobless for quite long and not looking for any. At the age of fifty plus, he continued to live off my auntie despite they were already having financial problems. He even brought his outside friends home, inclusive of married woman who was on the verge of divorce.

The day went as described. The freeloader, once being respected by me, was asleep all the while until my auntie and mum left the house. He woke up to find food in the kitchen and then chatted over the phone while I dozed off in the living room. Basically, he was doing everything to avoid talking to my auntie unless he needed money.

I was released at around noon after the ladies came back from the temple. Then, I left with my mum to go home.

Mingfa was leaving his house for his boys’ competition and he told me to confirm about the afternoon’s outing for him. However, I was not able to contact Weitat and it dragged until mid afternoon and by the time I went online to check for movie, seats were already selling fast.

I got Kok Chiang along and we met at Vivo City. My mum and younger brother were going there to walk around as well and we left together. I met up with Mingfa first and followed by Kok Chiang and Weitat who were both late.

The place was as crowded as the first time I went and it gave me some dizziness. I was still not able to memorise the location well. There were not many things four guys could do. I was in a worse state than any of them for I was lacking of sleep.

The lighting was very bad for phototaking without using flash


We went to the Food Republic food court and the three of them got some food while I watched them; the digestion disorder had acted on me and I had no appetite at all. They complained the hokkien mee hoon was not very nice. We had dessert after that and they were more costly than normal food court, whereas the spoons were not very well cleaned.

Then, Mingfa got his knee guard at the Nike shop before I met up with my mum and brother to go home. After we got together at the Starhub shop, we finally saw a group of three babes; it was quite pathetic for the place was so crowded but the scenery was bad.

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