Volleyball finally

[Tuesday, 31 October, 2006]

I was waked up early like eight plus by Peh’s SMS to ask what I wanted for my birthday. Then, I went for my haircut at nine thirty.

I was right at the door when there was an auntie blocking it and staring at me amazingly. I turned around for a while and approached the door but she simply stared at me until I decided to push the door in and she questioned me.

Soon, Mdm Yeo came out from toilet and that weirdo claimed that it was weird for a young guy to go for haircut at such early hour; I did not realise there was a curfew in aunties’ minds. Anyway, they were chatting about a choir lesson and it was really boring.

Later on was hours of time wasted for renewing of my antivirus software.

As time was approaching for volleyball, I remembered they always took their own sweet time and thus I decided not to go early. It was training at Clementi ITE and since I had to take a long walk from MRT, I hesitated to skip it a not. As my craving for volleyball was huge, I decided to test the condition of my leg as well as to exercise.

Eventually I forgot to bring my water bottle. Luckily, I remembered to bring my old spectacle along but putting it on caused some dizziness. There was a mixture of Clementi Town Secondary boys and girls, and also the ITE girls. I could not move as quickly as before and squatting down was a problem. Then, I realised landing on the ground caused some pain after jumping and thus I did no dare to spike.

As they started to play friendly matches, I lay on the side to get back some sleep. Even though I could not doze off, I managed to tame the sleepiness. Some outsiders had booked the court at night and we got to play friendly match with them.

Mingen seemed to hate them greatly and made it so obvious. As I was conscience about my leg’s condition, I did not do well in spiking. We won the first game and lost the last one without Mingfa.

My plan to go to NTUC to check out prices was killed by the late hour. All of them went out for late dinner together while Mingfa and I took the train home.

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