When the Prince Enters the Army

Some questions have being filling my mind for the past few months which seed around the topic when the king’s son is of a legal age to enter the army. To prove to his citizens that everyone receives the same treatment, his son has to abide to the law and go through the same process like every young man of the country.

But if you are a high ranked person in the army, will you treat this prince just like any other person?

Will you make sure the prince’s path is smooth throughout the entire two years and that his post in the army is well respectable? Then, will you send him to an ideal office where less strenuous work is required?

If you are in charge of the camp where he is posted to, will you upgrade all the facilities and welfare of the soldiers just to accommodate him? Will you upgrade the quality of the cookhouse’s food, the guardhouse’s living condition and even reduce the hours of the guard duty required? To the most exaggerating doubt, will you place some internet connected computers in the bunk when the prince is still a trainee?

All the special treatments are absolutely disgusting and they mark an era of unfairness.

However, in the aspect of just a normal young man serving the nation, putting aside these flattering to the prince, if you are someone who happens to be in the same place as him, will you be glad that you are able to enjoy the privileges of better life inclusive of food? After all, most of us stand to gain somehow, at least able to serve the country for less period of time.

I understand all the great men do not have many choices but to accept this society’s cruelty. The prince will eventually rise to power in years to come somehow to place everyone beneath his feet; the tragic of offending his boss is something which nobody would expect.

With the careful teaching of the well reputed family, this prince may not be the most able leader in future but at least of a certain standard. Hopefully all these well pampering would not do the country bad in future.

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