Who has webcam?

[Friday, 24 November, 2006]

After waking up, the first thing I was so eager to do was to set up my webcam with the “new” system. Somehow, it took me hours but it never worked.

“usbccgp.sys” – this file was missing no matter how many times I tried to install the webcam’s driver. I surfed online for it and I assumed it was the USB port’s driver; it could be that I needed to install for it was “new” USB port on the “new” processor. Then, I tried to search for the driver online but failed after going through so many websites that required payment of around ten bucks. Out of desperate, I downloaded a driver which brought me Trojan.

As I was messaging Kachua for possible solution, he told me the file should be found inside my windows. I even tried using the windows XP installation CD, which gave me no assistance. He found the file and sent it to me and I thought the problem was fixed finally but another prompt window came out, asking for the file “usbaudio” and I was dejected. However, I got this idea that I went to my brother’s computer and searched through the “i386” folder inside “windows” folder and drag the files over to my computer through the network. Alas, I realized it was faster to drag the whole folder over instead of moving to transfer the required files one by one but an intrusion alert popped out by the Norton Antivirus and the whole internal network was blocked somehow.

Kachua arrived at my house to troubleshoot but there was nothing much he could do. After some minutes, the network regained and I was able to continue with the transfer of files between the computers. I was quite fortunate that it was the last file and finally the webcam worked!

I suspected that it was during the installation of Windows XP service pack 2, I chose not to save the files in order to reduce the hard disk space required and thus I was having the problem of the missing big folder.

Anyway, whoever has webcam, please let me know and we can start to act cute through MSN.

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