Pile Things Up

I am sorry if you are looking at my outdated entries so often. Everything drags on as they pile up and sometimes even my calendar on my website is updated only after the events; I doubt many people really bother about that anyway.

My sleep plays me badly that whenever I go to bed early, I cannot doze off, wasting so much time that I can actually pen more things down especially at night when nothing distracts me except my mum. This is a big problem actually for when she knows that I am busy typing or editing stuffs, she continues to tell me stories which I am not interested in. Hopefully in future I will not bother my children like this.

Currently, there are still many outdated entries and even the entry on Peh’s birthday is only updated with half of the photos. As a result, I have to speed up really badly and will not be as detailed as the olden entries. This is really sad for my feeling will not be totally written down, which defeats part of the purpose to blog. As for photos, I will upload them and edit all at a shot, and therefore you can scroll back to my previous entries sometimes to check for update of photos in each entry.

I have a few websites in mind but I guess I have to abandon some first. Currently I am halfway into doing a blog for Huiying because I saw that both her sisters had their own. There is also an important website to introduce about my job as property agent, so that I can easily forward to my friends, which is still at zero pace; or perhaps, I have never even started on it.

I get very irritated for my unfinished work and never want to give up on any. Nobody really understands what I am doing and sometimes I wonder about it as well.

Sometimes I do get very hyperactive when I am tired of my unpromising works but no one is really there to keep me entertained.

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