Cockster Agent, Wallet and Carls Junior

[Thursday, 21 December, 2006]

After a few days of revisiting the Haig Road flat, I finally had an unpleasant experience. Kelly and I made our way down specially for this agent called Nadine who claimed that she would be late as her buyer was not on time.

Meanwhile, Kelly took me up to the top of the flat to “advertise”. We met a china girl on the lift and we passed by her door when she had changed into her short shorts; she looked so charming despite her face was not that pretty. This was one of the good things about walking around Singapore.

Anyway, suddenly Nadine called I realised she had mistaken Haig Road as part of Beach Road. The appointment was cancelled. Luckily for Mingfa, he was involved in the Zhenghua Secondary’s volleyball invitational match and he did not make the wasted trip down.

I walked alone to Paya Lebar MRT and waited at Outram Park. Then I realised Vivi had not even stepped out of her house. The usual waiting was quite awkward for I was so afraid that I would arouse the suspicious of the SMRT staff. I felt like sitting down somewhere but the place seemed too high class for anyone to do that.

When she finally arrived, we proceeded to Jurong Point. The purpose of this trip was to retrieve her lost wallet. It was a great lost for there were our neoprints inside, together with some thirty dollars cash and some of her cards such as Ez-link card.

This was not the first time and I was not surprised at all since she had been carelessly neglecting her stuffs like mobile phone so much. However, the point that the guy had tried so hard to get her number to contact her directly instead of going to the police made me so worried. I was so worried that I insisted to go down together with her.

We went to the KFC right away and I began to feel weird. Then, she finally told me the guy who called her was the manager of the KFC branch; she only told me that she could collect her wallet anytime. My worries eased off. She was so rejoiced after retrieving it back but within minutes, she left it on my hands.

We went to the 7-11 store for I was so thirsty. She suddenly became so sensible that she wanted to share the drinks with me to cut down on expense. She chose an expensive chocolate drinks and even though I knew it would not drench my thirst, I decided to please her and satisfy my urge for chocolate.

We went to Plaza Singapura to meet up with Jenrice. This time round, we managed to get to the basement directly from the underground. Then, we found her at the Spotlight before going to look for drum sticks and then down to Carls Junior.

Eating messily

My cute sister

I bought a set of whatever chicken meal and it cost over ten bucks and I was shocked for I always thought it was only seven plus. Then, I tried to peel the big burger apart but it became so disgusting that Vivi decided to get herself one instead. I regretted it so much for I still preferred the price, especially the taste of burgers in KFC or MacDonald’s.

A Japanese girl at the other side of the glass kept screaming and trying to get our attention. I put two fries into my mouth while playing with her and she started to imitate me; luckily her mum did not see me doing that.

After the dinner, we left the place and I sent Vivi home by bus 124. It was such a rare day that I could finally go out with her.

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