First HDB House Viewing

[Saturday, 09 December, 2006]

The night before, I did some research and realise doing property was more than just showing potential buyers to the place. I checked for the direction and even bus numbers, including the buses from the nearest MRT station – Paya Lebar. I called Bunnie and Ruoci but none of them picked up the calls. Bunnie called back after some time and I checked with him what was nearby that area.

I arranged with Mingfa to go to the flat at Haig Road to view the condition. As I was hesitating whether to wear formal, time slipped pass. The reason for wearing formal was that Francis had told us he would advertise the flat for us on this day and if anyone wanted to view the flat, I could easily attend to them immediately. However, since there was volleyball at Clementi ITE where Mingfa would be coaching his Zhenghua C boys and Clementi Town girls, I might be joining him if there was no call from anyone; my bag would be very heavy then.

I went to the bus-stop at Apex Tower to take bus 10 and was late for a while. Mingfa got there earlier and told me it was the road where we usually alighted in the past when we went to Chung Cheng High School Main (CCHSM) to play volleyball. By then, I had lost count of the number of bus-stops and was glad since I roughly knew where to alight at.

My direction was quite good this time but could not confirm until I opened my map with the compass. I guessed those people around the bus-stop must be very curious about us. We walked past the Tanjong Katong Girls’ School and Tanjong Katong Secondary School before arriving at Dunman View, the condominium, and finally reached the place.


East view of surrounding from corridor. There is a coffee shop around 50 metres away near the centre of the picture.

West view of surrounding from corridor.

Living room.

Living room.

Lamps on the living room wall.

Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.



The other side of kitchen (basically only the cabling of the kitchen needs to be touched up).



Back view of surrounding from kitchen.

Back view of surrounding from kitchen.

Geylang Serai Community Centre.

View from kitchen to living.

Before we entered it, we remembered clearly Francis had instructed us to knock the door first after telling us the Singapore True Ghost Stories. The internal was totally similar to my house but it was slightly a bit smaller. We started taking pictures and Mingfa used his video recorder. We reached through the newspapers and did not find any advertisement about the flat, which was a big disappointment. Before we left the house, I remembered to use compass to find out the flat was facing north. Then, I approached the auntie at the next door to give her my name card. I gave Francis a call but he did not pick up his phone.

It was noon by then and Mingfa had to reach Clementi ITE by 1pm. Since it was too rush, I decided not to meet Bunnie for lunch as planned. Both of us had our lunch at a nearby coffee shop. My appetite was poor. Then, we crossed over the busy road to take bus 197 which came shortly.

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