Merry Christmas

To whoever has been reading my blog, thanks and Merry Christmas!

My life has been so dull nowadays and it takes more than concern and determination to want to find out about it. However, there will be no reward for your persistence into reading up.

There is always remorse within my inner heart that I am not able to organise outings for the past few months. The problems with my operated leg together with money issue strike my plans. Moreover, some friends are unable to swim or cycle, which make organising of gatherings tougher for I am more interested in get-together with physical activities.

Now, with the endless rain and my job, I am very ashamed to announce that I shall put on hold of the plans for the time being. I cannot probably be organising something and suddenly back out when client calls me. Perhaps, someone should just step forward and organise something for the rest and I would try my best to get involved.

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