Met up with Josephine

[Wednesday, 20 December, 2006]

Early in the morning, I almost could not wake up. I was supposed to meet Kelly at 10am and was intending to go even earlier to do some research.

I was not much earlier after dozing off again. There was a crowd at the computer and I waited for it to subside a bit before going to my favourite computer. Kelly arrived later and we started some research. She went to settle for the flat’s valuation and even helped us to pay for it first. We ended the first half of the day before noon.

I had a little nap before being waked up by calls again.

Back view

Basketball court

Nice scenery

And me!

Later on, we met up at the flat in the afternoon. Both Mingfa and Kelly were late. This time, the agent was Josephine who was Kelly’s classmate in the Ceha course, which things easier. Furthermore, her client wanted to buy the house for rental as he would be out of Singapore.

I did the talking at first but Kelly had to take over halfway as my skill was not good enough. Both Josephine and her client were very satisfied with the flat except that they wanted to wait for valuation.

After that, Mingfa and I went to the Punggol nasi lemak stall at Tanjong Katong Road again and Kelly joined us later. We had some drinks and chats before we departed. Kelly waited for us to board our buses before she went home in her bike.

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