Desperate Advertisers

I was waked up by SMSes. They were spamming from some property websites asking me to register for “free”.

I seriously had no objection for the advertisement to let people aware of those lousy websites, but however, these conscienceless losers had been flooding my phone with their so pitiful spamming.

They had to understand that their pathetic acts would only drive people to hatred; even if their websites were so fantastic and useful, I would have barred them.


I don’t understand why they keep blaming us for reclamation after their specialists have admitted it has got nothing to do with them. This is due to the heavy rain and they should consider what they have done to harm the ozone layer, causing all the unusual natural effect.

One day, if their population ever dies of breathing difficulty, will they point fingers at us again to accuse us for farting?

World Peace

[Tuesday, 16 January, 2007]

I thought it was really a funny conversation.

Huiying says: put my name , birthday , add, age lor
Huiying says: her loves put family , friends tat i noe them says: i put my birthday instead, then people give you birthday presents, you give me k
Huiying says: no says: hahaha says: so selfish
Huiying says: hehe says: wish list leh? says: i want a PDA
Huiying says: wish arh
Huiying says: i wish tat the whole world will be peace n no more sad thing happen says: ah says: you think miss universe competition?

Worsening of My Back Condition

[Monday, 29 January, 2007]

After waking up, I tried to do a bit of tidying up of my house but the drive did not last long. I took up the challenge to update photos instead.

The afternoon was quiet. I was glad that Kaven still remembered me and he messaged me through MSN to talk about finding his house.

I was planning to use the money collected from Google Adsense advertisement to buy a domain name for my property website. It seemed so soon but my plan was screwed up suddenly in the afternoon and all my past weeks of effort went into the drain. This injected spirit into me to continue with the websites.

Into late evening, my mum asked me to help her carry some old stuff down to sell to the garang guni. It was when my back was finally recovering after weeks of aching. I carried the big, bulky and heavy box which contained Jack’s cage. So embarrassingly, I stopped a few times even though the lorry was not far away from my house. Then, the auntie started kicking big fuss over things that she did not want to collect and I almost wanted to shout at her.

Their business seemed good anyway as I could see people carrying old stuffs down to try to exchange for a few coins. Even though they were paying more than others, it was not worth the trouble to carry all those heavy items down. I could not stand my mum for collecting the junks which added to the messiness at my house for such little money.

Towards midnight, I could not stand the leaking of water from the toilet bowl anymore and tried to fix it. It was a bad timing for my back’s condition was already worsened hours ago. During my investigation, I concluded that the stopper which was preventing the water from flowing down was loose. My elder brother took over but nothing seemed to help.

Chalet, Wake and Boon Lay Drive Show Flat

[Sunday, January 28, 2007]

My family and Ivy’s siblings had a little good time at the barbecue pit. It was the first time I had marshmallow with chocolate and melting it above the heat gave wonderful sensation upon reaching the mouth.

My brother’s friends were playing mahjong while the rest of us were at the room. After the long and exhausting day, I was shagged, partially due to the breakfast at evening. As I was drained and had to work for the next day, I did not hesitate to sleep before them.

I woke up a few times in the morning and finally when my brothers brought MacDonald’s breakfast over. It was not a good breakfast for I was almost frozen and too cold to enjoy it. Then, I had my bath and never wanted to part with the warm water.

It was another walk towards Jurong East MRT alone. I was late for a while but luckily did not delay them. Junrong and Huimin were already waiting at the bus-stop and all of us went into the church together. By then, I realised so many people did not go so I roughly guessed the next year would be worse. Mrs Ng’s cries at the end of the session were very saddening.

We went to West Mall’s Pastamania and I camped there with them while waiting for Mingfa to get ready. My stomach was floated somehow and was feeling very terrible. I took bus 174 by the main road but missed the bus-stop that I had to walk over from Jurong Point to Boon Lay Drive. I had a very frustrated afternoon.

Living room

Sofa in living room

Dining table in living room

Room for 2 persons

Room for 2 persons

Room for 1 person

Room for 1 person

Living room

Living room



I met up with Mingfa soon and saw how the show flat was beautifully designed. Jolee came back later and taught us things. She was a nice lady.

After 6pm, we left the place and both Mingfa and I walked to Jurong Point. He met his friend there and later Wilson and Weitat arrived. At the box office, Meijun had already arrived. They wanted to catch a show but I decided not to join them since I was so sleepy, hungry and broke. Sadly, they did not even have time for dinner with me before going into the theatre.

I went home alone, dozing off right after sitting down on the train. As I was crossing the field towards my house, I met my mum and younger brother. They were going to Plaza Singapura to get something as well as for dinner. I was so tired that I decided not to waste my transportation fee again and went home directly instead.

Work and Brother’s Chalet

[Saturday, 27 January, 2007]

610, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 – living room and kitchen

3 bedrooms

As the daily routine proceeded, I was lack of sleep once again. I managed to reach Lorong Ah Soo at 12pm and met up with Kelly. We did the final documents for the flat before Kelly sent me over to Ang Mo Kio. We went to block 610 straight before rushing to block 219.

We met up with Jeff and he sounded better in real person than on phone. His client was a very nice and easygoing guy. Throughout the showing of the flat, Kelly out-performed Jeff so much that I was afraid Jeff would be jealous of her. Anyway, Kelly did it on purpose for he was muttering to his client all along.

Kelly and I went to near her place to pass her son money for dinner. Then, we went in the rain to my house where Kelly used the internet to check for client’s enquires. Later, we went down to meet Uncle Sam and David. Things came to a good progress finally.

I went down to Jurong East straight away. Walking there with a total empty stomach seemed to take forever. I managed to find the chalet fast and quickly grabbed some bites at the barbecue pit. It was not as crowded as I expected. It was quite boring at times.
















Settling Documents

[Friday, 26 January, 2007]

Wilson’s lousy car

Into the first second of this day, I was with Kelly, waiting for Mingfa’s arrival to sign a paper. We camped outside my mum’s work place and it was around 1am when Mingfa called me. We went to the car park to meet up with him and both Wilson and Mingen were there. It was the first time I got to see Wilson’s new sport car. I managed to pull through the night to finish blogging.

I set my alarm clock at 8am but I totally had no idea about it when it rang. I left my house at around 10am. I went to the HDB branch straight away to do Salutary Declaration. Then, I went back to the office to settle all the documents. Just after I had finished everything, Winnie had left the office and I stayed there to chat with Regina. Then, I got to hear news about the rental of Boon Lay Drive hostel and felt so disappointed.

Suddenly I got news that the client wanted to change the date with Uncle Sam to the next day. After reaching home, I realised I had handed the Lor Ah Soo OTP forms to Winnie when I was supposed to let the client sign the next day.

Back ache was bad and I lay on the bed most of the time. I made calls to agents to talk to them about the rental but there was no good news.

At night was updating of my website.

Boon Lay Drive Rental Finally

[Thursday, 25 January, 2007]

A tiring day began at 8am when my alarm clock sounded. I lazed on the bed again until 9am and eventually reached Bukit Merah at 9.40am to meet up with Mingfa. We were surprised that we were so much earlier than others but later realised the meeting time was much later and we were supposed to meet up with Kelly who was late.

Many people soon came and the office was never as crowded as this moment. The big shots were having meeting before us. After Kelly arrived, we started getting busy. Finally, our meeting began and there were some disputes between Kelly and Francis over the money. Then, news of the Boon Lay Drive rental was out but not clear enough. I saw to the cruelty of life again like how those big shots played politics to gain cheap money.

I asked Francis for another JTC flat and was assigned another Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 one. Later, Mingfa, Kelly, Jolee and I went to the HDB branch office to do “SD”. It was my first time. I went for lunch with Jolee and the duck rice simply sucked. After that, Jolee brought me up to the office and taught me some stuffs. I got some commission letters from Regina finally and walked to Redhill MRT with Jolee.

I went to find Uncle Sam straight away for he had called me earlier on during my lunch. He promised me that he would solve my problems with Lulu, such that he would give her the referral tips. Then, we arranged to meet up at 5pm instead. When I got home, I quickly contacted David and Hazel. By 5pm, I got down and met up with Uncle Sam to visit his flat. I helped him to take photos of the damages and realised his previous tenants had claimed that the condition was same like before. I felt so sorry for Uncle Sam. Later, I went to develop the photos.

When I got home, I continued with my work and went down to collect the photos at 7.30pm. I refused to get the money back from Uncle Sam. We had a little chat and I was very pleased when he shook my hands with both hands, which showed how much he trusted me.

Continuing with the Boon Lay Drive rental stuffs, I was called up by Kelly and went down to settle some documents of the sold flats. We were waiting for Mingfa to come to sign a paper and he went for supper first.

My back ached terribly.