Advertisement for Four Flats

My inspirations kept me awaken till near dawn. I thought I would probably wake up around noon like usual but I was pulled out of my bed by a phone call. Then I realised Kelly had advertised on this day. I told the agent I would get back to her but eventually I forgot to.

I made a call to Mingfa but he only picked it up at my second attempt almost half an hour later. Through him, I could not find enough clues. Then I called Kelly directly and she told me she had advertised for all the four flats together using hers and mine numbers. That was a shock of my life for I did not even know the asking price for all the flats. The worst thing was the fear of phone calls that I did not even dare to step into the toilet in case someone wanted to check it out.

Basically, I could not remember all the details and when people asked about the flats, I had to rely so much on the notebook. However, some people still continued to call up and ask for Lorong Ah Soo block 129, which was waste of my time. There were a number of wasted calls other than the sold flat for either the flats were too low or they were JTC properties.

I got this call from an ERA agent, Edmund, who used to be in EM services. He shared with me how he used to handle JTC properties and the reasons why he left the company. His judgements of the Ang Mo Kio flat had injected confidence into me that it could be easily be sold.

The main problem with the day was of course the phone calls. My brain was basically half dead and it could not function properly with the lack of sleep. The entire day was basically wasted on the bed while attending to the calls before I could doze off.

In the afternoon, Yaozhong finally started to help me to design my uncompleted property website. I managed to update the inventories for another two flats, which left the fourth one together with the latter three flats’ photos.

At the same time, I received a call from a polite lady called “Lily” and eventually we agreed to meet up to view the flat at Ang Mo Kio. She claimed that I was very happy-go-lucky and I was so glad with it. And also, there was an appointment at Bedok for both flats with an agent called Raymond, which I told him Kelly would be attending to him since I could not get there on time. It was the rain’s fault anyway that Kelly could not give me a lift.

I left house at around 6pm and when I had reached Dhoby Ghuat MRT, Kelly called to inform me that Lily had cancelled the appointment due to heavy rain. So, I took the opposite train to Cityhall and straight down to Bedok.

I went to block 204’s coffee shop to have my dinner. I finally took western food but had the chicken cutlet rice for $3.50 instead. The taste was quite special and when I first sliced the edge of it, I felt it was well done. However, the part slightly further away from the circumference was covered with fats.

Kelly arrived quite long later due to the rain and she probably travelled at most 50km/h. She did not see me at the coffee shop and went up herself. We took bus 17 to block 102 after switching on the lights for block 204. She got herself a can of drinks at the nearby coffee shop and we waited at the void deck until 9pm before we went up to prepare everything.

I called Raymond at 9.20pm and he told me his colleague, Adam, was going down on behalf of him. They arrived at around 9.30pm and I quickly went down to fetch them up. It was a very fast viewing and I could sense that they were not very satisfied with the house. Then, Adam sent us back to block 204 and it was another fast viewing.

I was so shagged that I dozed off on the train on the way home.

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