Ang Mo Kio Again

[Saturday, 20 January, 2007]

Throughout the morning, there was some confusing in my mind. It was a guessing game though somehow I knew something bad was expecting me.

I was unable to wake up as early as planned as usual but since I always set ridiculous timing, I was able to make it on time. I use a transparent plastic bag to carry the reheated zinger burger and set off to Ang Mo Kio. Before that, I dropped by Uncle Sam’s place again but he was not there.

Alone, I took the train to Ang Mo Kio again as it started to pour. My shoes were wet in the midst of the long walk. I went straight to Ang Mo Kio Community Centre to have my second round of shitting since I was very early. However, there was no toilet paper inside. There was a weird uncle who came out to use the sink and went in again. After he left, I inserted my ten cents coin into the paper dispenser.

After that, I had my brunch at the resident resting area where passers-by gave me weird stare and did not bother to smile back. I went up to the flat immediately after eating and later, Madam Liu and her daughter’s English tutor walked out of the house and I mistook him as her husband. I showed them into the house.

Later, I got to play with neighbour little boy whose dad was a policeman. I also got to chat with an old uncle two doors away. His mum had passed away and his health was so bad that he could not even walk for long. There was nothing I could do to cure his boredom.

Anthony was late because of his two clients. At least, they showed some interest by planning to knock down walls. Then, I walked to the central to meet up with Kelly and her two children. She passed me the valuation reports for the Bedok, Ang Mo Kio and Bishan flats. Results were good but somehow we were quite unlucky.

Journey home was as tiring as 2.4km run and the soaked feet were crying for the wrinkled skin. I was never ready to rest my sick body at home but to make phone calls.

It was a terrible evening not to be mentioned.

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