Countdown and End of Chalet

[Monday, 01 January, 2007]

The countdown began and we started playing sparkles but as usual, I was taping down the happy memory and thus did not join in the fun. It was too bad I did not become a commentator for my throat feeling unwell. They had some dangerous games like throwing the sparkles into the tree branches and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves greatly.

We continued with the game to finish up the fried rice but switched to playing of dice and drinking up. There was a refrain for myself from drinking but somehow I did not want to spoil the fun or perhaps, I was not in good mood.

Khong Wee, Kailun, Junxian, Pamela

Breaks during the Murderer game

Since Junrong was besides me and he had strongly forbidden himself from drinking, I took a glass of mixed alcohol in his place, which was very saturated. I realised I turn red soon for pouring it into my throat within a second. It got boring soon and we started playing Murderer. Some brilliants suggested going back to play inside the room and finally got everyone more comfortable. Eventually the air conditioner played a prank on us.

Twister affairs

Felix and Pamela

Outing at Old Changi Hospital

The internal


It was as late as four plus in the morning, we decided to visit the Old Changi Hospital. It was my first visit to that place and I did not expect it to be so near to our terrace house. Since it was a tourist’s attraction, there was no fear with so many strangers around and we basically banged into another group every few steps we took. Some people had even lighted candles around. In the end, we walked down towards the old commando camp and finally back to the chalet.

Twister again


Everyone was waiting for the bathrooms while I kept myself occupied with the show “The Ghost and the Darkness”. I was waiting for the ghost to appear but the extremely smart lions were taking his place instead. During commercial breaks, I went to the back to play with the cat. At first he was behaving well and stayed near the drain but at my next visit, he followed me into the house. I managed to fool him out of the house before Huimin ranted at me for the second time.

Hardworking Huimin

Khong Wee and Pamela late at night

After I finished bathing, Pamela was still chatting with Khong Wee while Huimin did her calculation for the money spent. Then, I realised the amount food was quite well planned, unlike my own chalet that I wasted so much food. In the end, Khong Wee, Pamela and I shared the queen size bed while Huimin went up to the girls’ room.

Leaving the place

Rabbit aka Joceyln on the bus

It was around 10am when I regained conscious. Since they had packed up most of the stuffs before going to bed, checking out went smoothly. We took bus 29 to Tampiness and had our breakfast at the food court before boarding the train.

It was the beginning of a new year, but I did not feel good somehow.

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