Finally Got the House’s Key

[Friday, 19 January, 2007]

I hated it when agents rang me up early in the morning but did not want to even bother to make appointments for viewing of the flats.

I dragged myself down to see Uncle Sam at noon. He was not there and the keys were not there. I made another trip down at 1pm and it was the same. Then, I got Lulu to give him a call. I went to the flat to check but there was nobody inside. I was at a lost for David had scheduled with his client to view it at 3pm. After hanging out around the shop and the neighbourhood, Uncle Sam finally got back at around 2pm and personally made another call to hurry the tenant. At around 2.20pm, the key was finally back and I quickly went upstairs to check again.

Kelly’s child had some problems and had to rush over to the accident and emergency department; therefore, I met up with David alone and he taught me new stuffs. His clients were late for half an hour and he left for Bishan. Later, I showed his client up and promised Uncle Sam to return him the key on Monday. Everything was an unsure.

I went for my hair cut finally after it was settled. After that, the auntie saw my hand and asked what happened. Then, she gave me some antiseptic cream to apply to the affected area. She was far too kind.

The late brunch at 4pm helped to build up my body again. However, I was exhausted and sick somehow. News of the Ang Mo Kio flat was saddening. I even messaged all the agents who had made enquiries before but none of them replied or called back.

Dinner was packet rice again. My elder brother ordered KFC and the deliveryman said something which I thought was he did not have change. I was shouting to my brother and this guy repeated again asking if I wanted the change. I was quite stunned for his dumb question but finally to wake to my sense that he was simply asking for tips; but I never thought KFC would ever employ staff who would do that. It was my first time receiving such delivery by myself and later I realised he did not give me the receipt.

KFC’s service was simply lousy.

My brother checked the food and realised they gave us three mash potatoes instead of the three coleslaw we asked for. Even though they did send people back to deliver the correct stuff, the time was delayed so much.

I spent the night with my stomach filled throughout.

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