Freedom or Lonesome

After so many years, I know clearly if a person truly loves another person deeply, she will never leave him regardless of all circumstances.

There are numerous obstacles in our lives and no matter what we do, there will be obstruction. What the least we can do is to try our best to overcome every single problem and not giving up.

But when I see how fragile the love is, and with all the promises not kept, showing all the unconcern, I never hope for the future.

If someone can be so easily influenced and that she listens to all except the one who she claims she love, nothing more can be done by him.

Is this a freedom or lonesome?

The first two times when the guilt of lies was concerned, I thought it was reasonable until I realised everything was full of shitty lies after all; if you could lie just for anyone’s sake, why must you fucking pretend that you felt sinned and made me guilty as well?

And this time you choose to get involved with all the shits, perhaps to get more recognised or famous; to choose them over me and place all your precious time with other friends, claiming about the need to study, I will never believe in your tales anymore.

You can have all your time with your smoker, your beloved cute photograph partner and your senior, who points knife at you to go out, I never have the power or in position to stop you.

Yes, I am penniless and all of them can buy you hell lots of bags and chocolate you want.

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