Full Day Lorong Ah Soo

[Saturday, 06 January, 2007]

My younger brother did not switch on the air conditioner and I supposed he knew I could not sleep in the coldness. So this night, both of us shared the queen size bed. Usually my mum would sleep in the centre and since she was still at Genting with my elder brother, I had some knocks from my younger brother.

Sleeping at after three again, I could not wake up as early as planned. However, I still managed to get to Lorong Ah Soo in time. Along the journey, some people called me regarding the flat and I did not know Kelly had advertised for this day as well until she enlightened me at night. Therefore I was glad that no idiot had called me as early as nine in the morning like the previous day.

Kelly was there so early again. I passed by the Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School and there were so many girls waiting at the bus-stop, which was a great scenery. Then, I met up with Kelly at the void deck. The mamashop tender was watching “Chu Han Jiao Xiong” using a portable player and it kept me occupied while Kelly went to lead Mingen, Meijun and Mingfa the way.

The front and living room.

Master bedroom.


Other two rooms.

We went up to the flat and that was my first visit. Then, I received more calls from people who were interested in the house and Mingfa claimed that I had improved in talking already. I guessed it was pretty easy to describe the house over and over again, but arranging of appointments was much tougher.

Kelly asked one of the direct buyers to judge my performance and she said that I had laughed too much. But it was not within my control yet to smile and laugh when I was talking to polite people. Mingfa, Mingen and Meijun left after a while.

For the whole day, I went to the opposite door often to play with the dog named Milo. My left hand was completely covered by his saliva.

There was actually a prank call from a person who claimed he was an agent called “Fazee” at the number “97105641”. He even dared to say that he was already buildings away but he did not turn up in the end. However, since we had appointments for the whole day, this asshole did not pose any problem to us.

We went to meet up with Mr Phua to show him a flat but there was some miscommunication. In the end, we showed the couple to block 129 again and they told us they wanted block 142 badly which was too slow. After that, we went to block 142 to meet up with Jenny, Linda and the buyer, Lynden and his family to sign the contract. On the way, I saw one very stylish and sexy girl waiting at the bus-stop with her mum. During the process, there was an agent who called to try to arrange viewing for block 129 but suddenly his clients chose to go shopping.

Jenny drove us back to block 129 and the last agent called me. He was Eddie and then we got to meet up. At first I thought he was as old as Francis but he seemed to be younger except with a bolder head. Both Kelly and I were quite suspicious of him for he had told me earlier not to talk to his clients about the commission. Anyway, I was very friendly to him but he seemed more like hypocrite. We exchanged our name cards and upon I turned back, he asked me for my name card again as he claimed that I did not give him mine. He dug through his collections and until he asked me for another one, suddenly he found it.

Eddie was crapping about my age and I was not sure if he was being sarcastic or just trying to entertain his buyer. Kelly was totally unpleased with him as she sat on the stone chair and facing another direction. Suddenly he asked me if I was lying about the JTC commission in order to earn extra money and finally Kelly opened her mouth to ask him call my company. His buyer’s big family arrived later and we went up. Then Eddie started to crap as if he knew a lot about JTC, which disgusted me so much for his earlier accusation. So, Kelly and I left him alone to show his buyers around. That was fun though it was totally opposite from my style.

After that, the show ended and Kelly rode home to get an extra helmet while I went over to block 106 to wait for her at the coffee shop where I saw the beer girl flirt with the uncles. Kelly took quite long time to join me and we went over to S11 for dinner.

After that, it was around 10pm already and she rode me home. It was probably the third time I sat on a bike but the first time on a bike which travelled over 90km/h. Anyway, I felt quite bad for she seemed to be sick and she actually stayed near Lorong Ah Soo.

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