Losing Hope

A day was wasted once again. In the afternoon, I failed to find Uncle Sam to return him the keys. Then, Lulu was talking on phone with someone and she seemed to have found another tenant who she claimed wanted to give her $300 as referral fee. I felt no threat to her words.

Later, I received an SMS offer to view the Bishan flat and since he was a direct buyer, I decided to meet him out straight on the very same night. I made a trip to Uncle Sam’s shop and returned him the key as promised. It was a terrible for this rental deal not settled after so much of dragging.

My dry cough was bad as well and voice was not normal. The trip down to Bishan was tiring enough and later, I took a wrong path before meeting up with Siu Hang but got to see lots of school girls who blocked my way. We finally met up near Kuo Chuang Presbyterian High School and went to a coffee shop to sit down and chat.

It was around 7.35pm, we started walking to block 124 where we took some time to find the exact location. At 8pm sharp, I was beginning to worry if the viewers were playing prank. I gave him a call ten minutes later but his phone was set to off. Finally, I saw a couple downstairs and shouted to them. Then, I quickly went downstairs to meet them.

The guy was not very happy for he thought I should just wait downstairs for them whereas I had told him earlier to call me when he had reached. I showed them to the flat and was very polite as usual and they could tell that I was new to the line. The flat though selling below value was not satisfying enough for them for they had high standard for the condition and had to spend a bomb on the renovation.

It was then a tiring way home. I walked Siuhang to his house and took the path to the MRT station. After boarding the train, I sat down and dozed off immediately.

Kelly told me the Bedok side was bad news as well. Overall, we were still losing money for the valuation and newspapers advertisements.

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