More Disappointments

[Thursday, 18 January, 2007]

Sleeping hour was regular. Phone calls woke me up again and I finally gave up at around noon.

I felt sick and went to the toilet twice soon. In the afternoon, I went down to meet up with Uncle Sam but he refused to go over to the house. It was pouring and both Kelly and David came over. David’s client’s company, the management of Vivo City, had some changes over the night and the deal would most probably be called off. David had other clients but nobody was at the house and Uncle Sam did not have the keys. It was an embarrassing moment for David when his clients arrived but he played it cool.

I continued the day with doing my website as usual. I managed to use PHP programming to reduce a bit of tediousness for future updating of the property site; and also, I managed to reduce the filesize by doing that. However, I was waiting for experts to come online but it seemed that I was not ready to do more with database yet.

Life was boring and everyday was answering of the phone. Agents continued to call me for the Lorong Ah Soo flat and it was annoying. There was phobia for ringing of phone somehow.

In the late evening, Kelly told me of the valuation for the Ang Mo Kio flat. It was above selling price as predicted but however, my confidence level dropped badly when those people who had viewed it did not pick up the phone. Latifah told me that her clients were not very interested.

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