Never Judge Until the End

[Wednesday, 17 January, 2007]

It was another late work day until 5am. I was waked up at around 10am and later, did not get to sleep.

In the afternoon was editing of the property website, until evening, I left for Bishan. I was playing game on my phone and almost missed the stop. Then, I realised I was more than an hour earlier and suddenly the agent, Anthony, called me and told me his client had to work overtime and the couple did not want to view the flat this night.

It was a very disappointing day for I was making the trip down just for this agent; it was a total waste of money and time for I was halfway into editing a script and had to halt the process. Upon returning home, I continued with my work.

At around 9pm, Kelly called me and I went downstairs to meet her and Uncle Sam. Suddenly, the devil called me over and asked if I would give her more money for Kelly was offering her $200. Then she sounded like she realised both of us were working together and I was quite shocked for she seemed to be expecting so much.

$200 from a commission for $850 was a gigantic amount. Usually, referrers would get ten percent of the commission as tips but she was asking for more than double. Imagine if you were to sit down and do nothing and getting so much free money while others were working so hard just to earn their living, would you spend the money with peaceful mind?

She knew clearly after so many conversations that I had been running away so much and yet earning nothing. I even helped her to carry heavy things a few times that I never imagined she could do this.

I recalled about her boosting about knowing many “clients” before she asked me to go over to talk about the money while Kelly was busy with Uncle Sam and that was really disgusting. Suddenly I got the picture so clear that she was not helpful but greedy for money.

I did not mind earning so little and still having to divide the profit with so many team-mates but the fact of the greediness posed like a stab into my body. After everything was done, there would still be requirements to follow up and not just happily walk away. The amount was time and transportation free Kelly spent was uncountable as well.

At least I knew clearly I had misjudged someone I always thought was a nice friend. Deep in my heart I knew I had to treat less one person with sincerity in future. I would just treat it that I was throwing sympathy money to a self-thought popular loner.

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