New Record – 8.30am

[Saturday, 13 January, 2007]

One of the shaggiest days began with morning calls at 8.30pm. That bloody hell woke me up so early that I had less than four hours of sleep. Seriously what was wrong with agents? Even if they managed to be the first person to contact the house agent or owner, they had to confirm with their own clients as well. The newspapers were out like four in the morning and should we just start calling each number right after we received the papers?

My Saturday was spoilt as predicted and I had to reject Bunnie’s date; it could be a great army outing maybe. I continued to receive calls for enquiries like as if I was distributing free gifts. My mind remained unrest even when I was at the toilet.

It was around noon when my brother returned home and told me one of the aunties downstairs was looking for me. I went down soon to look for her for I knew she had some lobangs. She told me her boss had a unit nearby and the lease for some workers was going to end soon. I went over to take a look but could not find any clue except it was a walk-up without much hygienic.

Vivi called me just before I was going home and I waited for her at the bus-stop. I had pathetic moments on the way with my phone kept ringing but most of the times were fruitless attempts. I was quite lucky for she was supposed to meet up with her friend soon who later suggested they would meet up next time instead and thus I got to spend more time with her.

I did not have a peaceful afternoon still. And when Kelly called to announce her arrival, I left Vivi sleeping alone in the room; I was quite unrest over it for she would probably be freaked out if she was to wake up to find herself alone. The good news was that Kelly had closed Bedok block 102.

It was supposed to be a quick meeting to get the keys from Kelly but I brought her over to the electronic repair shop to find the owner, Uncle Sam. At the same time, my mum bought my dinner and some dessert to pass me at the letterbox. We made some enquiries before going over to take a look at the building again but Kelly gave up without climbing up. I supposed less smoking would do her better. She bought a packet of coffee as she called her friend who seemed to have many workers. We went back to the shop to talk to Uncle Sam but it was not as smooth as we thought.

Finally, I got home to have my rest but the phone continued to ring. Vivi was in fact asleep throughout my disappearance and I pronounced she was a pig. We had fun teasing each other and it was quite a blissful afternoon somehow even though she did not intend to spend it with me if not for her friend.

She was using my computer and talked to Yuqing and later I called him for a chat before both of us left together. I walked her to the bus-stop and waited quite long for the bus to come before I rushed off to the MRT station to proceed to Bedok. The journey alone was quite boring.

I went up to the flat to wait for the arrival of Sophie. I was quite shocked when the group of them came with a cute and friendly dog. Due to my, I did not talk a lot with the thought that Kelly should have explained everything clearly to them. They closed the door and windows to test the noise level from outside and later, they said they did not feel secure to pay for it before the valuation was out. It was a great disappointment for I thought I could have closed it since it was their second visit.

Then, I waited for Rahman to come but instead, Ding called me. I was quite shocked with a couple came up with a name card and said “he” was not coming up as he could not find a parking lot. They walked around the flat fast and did not intend to stay for long, which was quite a disappointment as well. I closed up the flat and left after that.

I stopped by the hawker centre and asked my mum whether they wanted any fried banana or satay. Then, I went to buy ten pieces of fried banana and was quite confused over the different sizes for they looked nearly the same. The scenery at the hawker centre was quite good.

It was a lonely trip home again. I was filled with emotions while waiting for the train. I was sitting at the exact place where my family used to wait together after visiting my grandmother at Bedok South. We used to buy some fried bananas or satays before going home. I was missing my father so much that my eyes were filled with tears.

Back at home, Mike messaged me in MSN and it was so rare. We had some chat before Vivi called me. After that, I was trying to blog but my younger brother started to tell me stories about his camp; as usual, I did not like to do anything with anyone by my side and thus I kept my eyes at the television set instead.

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