Rental Off, Swim and 204 Bedok Sold

[Tuesday, 23 January, 2007]

A foreign bitch pissed me off in the early morning. I could not stand her arrogance and decided to remove her away from my internet life totally.

Kelly gave me a bad news after I woke up and the deal with Uncle Sam was called off for the clients had found themselves other flat. If I were to get to know their hotel’s name, I would definitely condemn it for they had given us empty promise. I went downstairs to inform Uncle Sam about it but he was not around. Therefore, I told Lulu about it and she did not show any disappointment at all.

Gilbert managed to get hold of Hong Kiat and we decided on to have a swim at Ang Mo Kio. Before going over to the MRT station, I approached Uncle Sam and apologised to him for the delay. He was okay with it.

I thought I would be late but I reached there sharp at 2.30pm. Weather was not showing good. We proceeded on instead but I was hesitating when both of them were already inside the water. It was drizzling and I did not want to get wet and having the lifeguard blowing whistler to leave the pool anytime. Eventually I joined them.

Hong Kiat

Hong Kiat

Swimming was difficult for the birthday gift, swimming trunk, from Gilbert was quite loose. It was a weird design for it did not come with a string. It was impossible for me to swim fast for the pressure would certainly pull it down. Gilbert claimed that I had to wear it lower but it showed little sign of improvement.

Can never be as fit as before

After swimming a few laps across the lanes, I went up to check my phone to reply to Ren Yao’s message. There were also a number of missed calls and I supposed Kelly had messaged other agents of our holdings. I was quite stunned for I had informed her I was going for a swim already.

Hong Kiat and me at Bishan Park

Gilberto and Hong Kiat

Gilberto and Hong Kiat

Hong Kiat and me

Me and Hong Kiat

Gilberto and Hong Kiat

Gilberto and Hong Kiat

We continued for a while before going to wash up. Kelly called me and informed me that Bedok flat was booked and would be signed at night, which boosted my morale. Then, we crossed the Bishan Park to Junction 8 and had great conversations throughout. We had our meals at Long John Silver’s and camped there for quite a long time before going to the Popular bookshop. Gilbert showed me another Singapore Transport Guide and I was quite regretful of getting my current one before this one was like a book and the numbers of the buses were shown by the bus-stop label.

After that, we left on our own ways. I waited quite long for bus 53 and arrived at Lorong Ah Soo. An agent by the name of Ann called me to persuade me to show her client to the Bedok flat and she would sign it immediately. I got her to call Kelly instead.

My good friend, Milo, who stays at 129, Lorong Ah Soo

Later on, the clients arrived and we showed them to the house before Grace even arrived. I started playing with Milo immediately. After everyone had arrived and finished their viewing, we went down to the stone table to do all the documentations. Finally, Kelly got back her $250, which she paid for the buyer earlier. There were problems on that client’s soon-to-be sold house, however, was settled by Grace eventually. We would soon wait for the option exercise fee to be paid when the client’s HDB loan was settled. She looked like a very nice lady and she loved dog as well, but I was not sure whether to address her as Miss Tan or Mdm Tan.

Kelly and I dashed to Bedok to settle the block 204 flat and I had to miss the chance to pay Angel a visit at the coffee shop. We were half an hour late but I was surprised that the client, George, was not as difficult to deal with as describe. He was a great joker and I could see how much he loved his mum. It was actually a happy moment with them, sitting down at the coffee shop. He bought Kelly and me drinks before we went up to view the flat.

George’s wife is an Indian and he was a Eurasian. I was quite glad to witness such mixed races couples through this line. She was there for the first time but was very satisfied with it. I was very glad to be able to close the deal for Sebastian, their initial agent, had promised Kelly to give us all the commission if she could settle some administration work for them. However, Kelly’s friend who had declined to the offering of the flat was changing his idea again. Kelly had to turn him down so that we would not let down Sebastian and the very keen and funny couple.

Kelly’s bike at petrol station

Documentation was a hassle again. We had everything settled only after 11pm. Kelly sent me home at around 11.30pm and we went to the Shell Petrol station straight to refill the tank. Then, we went to the coffee shop to get some food.

After reaching home, suddenly I remembered I had also taken Combo one of Long John Silver’s for the day and not just the two slices of bread. Work had actually made me forgotten about my meals.

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