Spectacle Frames and Dinner

[Friday, 29 December, 2006]

My elder brother found his old spectacle that had a broken frame. He wanted to go to Chinatown for dinner and fix it on the way. Since my spare spectacle was damaged by one of the Clementi ITE guys and could not be fixed, I agreed to put aside my stuff for the night.

My mum brought us to the optical shop at the second level, which the owner offered very nice service to my younger brother weeks ago. However, the shop did not sell the frame size of my elder brother’s spectacle and I gave a sigh of relief; we had been regular customers at the optical shop at People’s Park Centre for more than ten years and it was quite out of point to change shop when their services and prices were so good.

Hence, we took bus 145 to People’s Park Centre. We saw one of the old staffs who quitted months ago and she told us she had changed her mind. Everyone was as busy as usual and one of the customers praised the boss, Mr Koh, so much that his face turned red.

My brother got his new frame easily. As for mine, they could not fix it back and I had to settle for a new one as well. I stated clearly that I wanted a cheap plastic frame for that old spectacle was used for playing volleyball purpose and needed not be stylish. In the end, the girl picked one frame that was priced at $120 and I was taken aback. However, my mum opened her mouth again and the nice boss kindly priced both spectacle frames at $20 each. However, since my brother claimed that he was broke, I had to foot the bill.

We went to the renovated hawker centre below OG for dinner. We had the famous “Liang Dou Fu” at $3 each bowl. The taste was okay but the plain looking soup was fantastic. My mum ordered some snacks to add to the dinner as well.

The drinks stall auntie approached us and when I asked her to introduce some drinks, she listed “ma ti”, “soya bean” and “lime juice” but she claimed that guys did not like the latter, which I ordered. Mingfa knew well how much I liked lime juice but due to the fact that I had gastric problem, I did not take it for quite long already.

My younger brother finally reached the place but he had his dinner somewhere else already. Then, we rushed off home to catch the 9pm channel 8 show. We took a cab outside the Indian temple and my mum knocked her head while boarding. The fare was $2.80 and that showed how short the distance was.

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