Top 10 Impressive Young Man

The hunk

In this week’s Top 10 Impressive Young Man, we are featuring Chung Tze Khit, the hunk into his twenty first year of life.
With a very good family background, he excelled his in “O” level examinations, bringing glory to his previous secondary school, Chung Cheng High (Main). Then, he continued to further his studies at one of the top junior colleges in Singapore, Temasek Junior College. He made a unique decision later on to take up Physiotherapy at Nanyang Polytechnic, which is his current institute of education.
He had led his schools’ volleyball teams into finals in the national championship. As a key player in the Bukit Merah Community Centre volleyball team, he helped his team to top the Youth Cup in year 2001, beating all the well-known teams in Singapore. He was selected for the volleyball team in Singapore Arms Forces during his national service days.
Tze Khit is the youngest son of the family with two successful brothers who are already family men. He is staying with his parents in a private estate in Tanah Merah (East of Singapore), fulfilling his dream as a filial a son. Occasionally, he will drive his parents for movie trips, which is quite rare in this busy city.

His “idol”

Tze Khit, nicknamed himself as “Babooni”, standing at the height of around 1.87 metre, is the ideal man for many girls. He has being pestered by girls since during secondary school days and even have to come up with this funny lie “I am a gay” in order to reject girls. After going through one relationship, he knows clearer what he truly seeks in his love life.

A future physiotherapist with good prosper

An impressive physical trainer

Other than volleyball, his hobbies include shooting, singing (he has a very high and powerful voice) and body building. Currently, he is starting into his personal physical training business, with the aid of his Physiotherapy knowledge and years of research and self training. His company website is
This guy is available for grab now before it is too late. If you have found any compatible female friend of decent looks and character, or if you are interested, please feel free to contact me or message him at his Friendster profile at

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