Two Black Sheep and Meeting Up With Gilbert

[Sunday, 14 January, 2007]

I had a late night again and eventually went to bed after 4am. Mingfa called me as requested at around 8am and then I started preparing to set off.

My timing was quite nice but Mingfa reminded me to double confirm with the client, Sally (98569635), for the appointment. She took quite long to pick up the phone with a sleepy voice, claiming that the flat was not at her ideal place. Then I realised we were screwed for she did not intend to go after all. I could not accept this type of attitude that she did not even give us a call to cancel the appointment. Bitch?

Stickers inside Mingen’s car

I went to Toa Payoh to meet up with Mingfa instead. He went with Mingen and Meijun and we had our breakfast at the MacDonald’s. It was around noon time when we set off in Mingen’s car. He went to replace his tyres and later, to a temple where I had my toilet break. Then, we went to Mingfa’s house and I could hardly doze off with the phone ringing. All of us were sleeping except for Mingfa who was playing computer game. At around 2.20pm, Mingfa woke us up and Mingen drove us to Woodlands to pick Tiffany up before sending me to Ang Mo Kio.

I was all alone then. The agents James, Alvin and Latifah came and I did not talk much for my brain was almost dead with the lack of sleep. Just when Alvin arrived, a neighbour spoke to me and asked if I could help her friend to find a flat. Whereas Latifah and her husband were speaking in Malay with their clients that I did not manage to find out what they were talking about. Later on, the neighbour, Mdm Liu arrived home and I showed her the flat as well. She was a gorgeous mum and her tone sounded like she was from China.

I was waiting for the last two visitors and since it was a rainy day, I decided not to hurry them. I gave a call to Shah fifteen minutes after the scheduled time and he had just arrived. Since he was not accompanied by any agent, I had more things to explain to him. I supposed his only problem was that the lift was at half level.

After Shah left, I called Clement and he told me he had left because he could not find me at the void deck. It was quite ridiculous for he could have called me instead. Before I could finish asking him whether he still wanted to take a look at the flat, he put down the phone claiming that he was driving. I sent him a message instead and he replied that he actually wanted to look for a flat within one kilometre away from Ai Tong School. I finally realised what was wrong and started to suspect if he had come earlier on. However, I still sounded nice.

A neighbour walked past and talked to me. She reminded me of the friendly auntie at Haig Road. She was the pioneer resident there and she told me the flat was around thirty years old already. Then, she fed me with more information and I even followed her to the market which was near by. I was looking for the “Kebun Bahru Mall”, which I expected to be a shopping centre turned out to be just a one storey market area.

These summed up my house showing adventure for the day with two really ridiculous appointments, which really disgraced Singaporeans even though the “Bishan bitch plays prank” could be just a permanent resident.

Beautiful toilet

Walk way to main entrance of Ang Mo Kio Community Centre


Blk 700c. With my favourite translucent “wall” at the living room.

I called Gilbert to meet him up while I walked slowly to the MRT station. Siuhang agreed to come after his dinner but he took more than an hour which eventually only Gilbert accompanied me. Perhaps, I was actually accompanying Gilbert instead for he had to shop for some stuff at the big “Fair Price Xtra”, which resembled the Giant at IMM. There was a babe promoting maggi noodle and I felt so much like going over to “taste” the food for I was so hungry. Gilbert even went to the Bread Top to buy some buns.

I was almost killed indirectly by Gilbert who later brought me to the Banquet for my super late dinner. I bought fish and chips at $5.50 at a small serving but the tata sauce made the fish taste so much like MacDonald’s. We sat there to chat for quite long before leaving after 9.30pm. In fact, my mind was not in a good condition with my eyes half closing but I did not want to end the good catch-up early.

I managed to get a seat at Toa Payoh station as half of the passengers at the cabin alighted. Then, I had a corner seat but later, got irritated by a mum putting her daughter on her laps while both mother and daughter repeatedly knocked me softly. It was perfectly alright for some accidents but that lady should express some apologies or at least not pretend that she had not irritated me from my beauty sleep. Somehow, it could be that she was doing it on purpose for I did not give up my seat to her husband, which was totally unnecessary for he was still young and strong standing.

It was a tiring day.

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