Two Rentals

[Monday, 15 January, 2007]

I pulled through the night with my work together with the lack of sleep. Despite sleeping at around 4am, Kelly called me at 9.30am because the Bedok flat’s keys were with me and the valuer was going down at around 10.30am. I dared not go back to the bed to rest and sat on the chair to nod my head until around 10am. Kelly’s timing was perfectly nice.

After that I continued with my sleep but there were some phone enquiries of the flats and also some instructions from Kelly about the business with Uncle Sam. I went down at around 2pm to talk to him. Then, I went to find him again at around 3pm to meet up with another agent called David.

Bathroom and toilet

Other parts


We went up to the walk-up and all of them were patting at least a little except me. At first, nobody opened the door and I was quite lost and embarrassed. After a few minutes, a bangala finally opened the door. It was a mess inside and even the tiles were cracked. The living condition should be okay without the bad smell.

My brunch – Curry chicken. Used to be hotter and nicer.

I spent the rest of the day on my website. It was around 8.30pm when Kelly called and asked if I wanted to bring my potential client, Cui Wei, down Ang Mo Kio to view a flat for rental. My mum finally arrived with my dinner but I rushed off without eating. Other than waiting at the MRT station, I was either walking very briskly or running. I finally reached there on time after getting out of the maze – the government had built the flats in weird shapes.

Kelly was at a higher ground facing the flat. There was a private driving instructor, Steven, teaching his student how to park the car. I was in sweat and had the second shock of the day when Kelly announced that the owner of the flat had not arrived. Cui Wei was late and then she called me that she was lost. Kelly and I went over to find her and then we discussed a lot about what her requirements.

In the end, Kelly went to Toa Payoh to find the owner while I took the same path as the two China ladies to the MRT station. It was a terribly tiring and disappointing day.

Anyone who knows of any 3-room or 2-room flats near Presbyterian High School for rental please let me know as soon as possible.

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